Planting for beauty in Shri Mataji’s garden: the Nirmal Udyaan Project.

Spring is in the air and a strong desire has arisen in the hearts of some Sahaja Yogis of Cabella:

What if we dedicate some of our attention and effort into beautifying the land around the Castle and at the Nirmal Temple in Albera with the planting of wild flowers, greenery, rose bushes, etc. etc.?

This is an invitation to all those brothers and sisters in the Sahaja Yoga world, to come to “a green weekend” in Cabella. The planting and caring will start from March and proceed until the end of the summer. A chance to put our hands into the Mother Earth to embellish Her with new flowers and plants to beautify our places of worship.
Let’s do it together and share the joy and the blessings of Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi.

For more information about this project (lodging, food, logistic) you can email: