We are pleased to announce that the Agricultural Project named “The Living Valley – Cabella” is going ahead on the Holy Land of Cabella.

Since a few years, we have been making the bread for the children at the Cabella School with our stone ground whole wheat flour.
This year, we had a great harvest on the three fields sowed in 2018 with vibrated seeds.

We have the new 2019 whole wheat flour, durum whole wheat, multi-cereal and spelt available at a table during the Pujas in Cabella.
As usual the selling of the flours will help the School and the others of Shri Mataji’s projects in Cabella.
We have four different types of flour that anyone could mix or use for various breads, bread products, cakes, biscuits, or pasta with the new durum whole wheat from this year.

Our crops are 100% natural, without any added chemical fertilizers, herbicide, or pesticide (neither chemical nor organic).
Absolutely nothing other than Vibrations.
We vibrate the seeds and we meditate on the fields asking the blessing and protection to Shri Ganesha.


The level of gluten in the wheat flours is natural and spelt actually has the least amount of gluten in nature.

The gluten intolerance many people are facing is due to the adding of a number of chemicals to obtain richer flours.

We simply don’t do it and our plants are totally natural. Weeds that grow in the fields do so in a complementary way and are separated at the mill before the stone grinding.

Stone grinding is a natural way to get the highest quality whole wheat flour, and is done at a low speed (80 rpm) to not heat the wheat in the process.

Our fields are in Val Borbera, very near to the Nirmal Temple, and the farmers who are working for us receive a fair wage, higher than the market average.

This year we also planted an orchard with 30 fruits trees (apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, fig, persimmon), 150 grape trees of 5 different species, and 60 berry bushes on the land above the road near the Nirmal Temple.

There is also a vegetable garden with almost 2000 plants, among them lettuces and cabbages for the kitchen of the School.

The most recent major work we have completed is to set up on a drip irrigation system on each field filled with water pumped from a new well near the river.

Our aim is to show that is possible to grow our food locally and naturally using only the best sustainable agricultural practices and vibrations.

For more information, you can go to thelivingvalley.blogspot.com or send an email to livingvalleycabella@gmail.com

The Living Valley Cabella Team