Plastic is machine-made from the waste matter of the earth which has therefore got all the ingredients for our destruction within it. (Lille, France, 1982)
But you shouldn’t eat in plastic food, plastic with fork and spoon of plastic and it’s too much plastic in this country, be careful because plastic is anti-God. It is anti-human life, it is anti-biological processes. So avoid plastic as far as possible, be careful on that. (New York, 1983)

Shri Mataji warned us many times how detrimental plastic is for us and our Mother Earth. Plastic trash is polluting the oceans of our planet, is killing marine wildlife and is making us sick. Let us, as enlightened beings in our collective gatherings, make an effort to break free from contributing to these anti-God, anti-human life, anti-biological processes and avoid plastic as far as possible.
One of the biggest sources of plastic trash in Cabella are single-use plastic bottles. In order to avoid this pollution, it is our desire to shift completely to reusable bottles that can be refilled thus reducing plastic waste. In case you already have a reusable water bottle, don’t forget to bring it when you come to Cabella.

For those of you who don’t have a reusable water bottle yet, we have very good news!
A 1.000 beautiful, certified stainless steel thermo hot/cold bottles, with a logo of the Castle have been purchased to be sold at the next pujas at the cost of only € 10 each. You can personalise your own bottle with a name tag. You can buy one for yourself and one to give away as a great gift!!!
Please, make sure you get your bottle and thus contribute to a plastic-free future. This cause really needs our collective attention and the dedicated action of all Yogis coming to Cabella.

The Green Guardians will set up a stand next to the bar at the camp in Albera. There you can buy your bottle and get all the information about our projects towards making Cabella environmentally friendly.
Also, as we are not only dedicated to a plastic-free but also to a carbon-free future, we will collect your donations to fund solar panels in Cabella. As we are many yogis, a small donation of € 2 will help us to set up the first panels on the roof of Cabella School and take us on the path of green energy.

For more information about the Green Guardians, or for joining the team, you can contact Noah: +49 176 45865114