In anticipation and preparation for the new year 2020 celebration of 50 years of Sahaja Yoga, the World Foundation would like to invite more yuva to come to Cabella as an intern to support either the office or the school team. Click here for the full program.

The internship program of the World Foundation launched in the summer of 2018 has been a great success. Many Yuvas from different parts of the world have applied to come to Cabella to put their academic knowledge into practice, to expand their skills but, most importantly, to deepen their experience of vibrations and collective life at the castle. These young Sahaja Yogis were challenged to deal not only with the workload in their own field but also with many other aspects of collective activities and projects, and a collective life in the ashram of the castle or of the school.

2 young architects, a teacher, a photographer, an IT student, 2 agricultural students, and a law student have joined for a minimum of 2 months the team of the World Foundation’s office situated in the basement of the Palazzo Doria, the abode of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

‘’I learned a tremendous amount about myself living in Cabella Ligure for the 3 months whilst I was there. I think for anyone who goes to Cabella, will find that you’re not only there to participate in an internship, It’s much deeper than that, you are given an opportunity to learn more about yourself and go deeper into meditation.
It was a challenge for me to say the least. It wasn’t easy at times. I could of stayed in the comfort of my home. I was looking for a change in myself, so I took a leap of faith.
I am very thankful for my experience and the people I have bonded with. Cabella and the people will forever be in my heart.’’ Madhava

‘’What means for me the time that I have spent as an Intern in Cabella’s World Foundation Office during the summer cannot be easily described in words. Shri Mataji gave me clarity, professionally and spiritually. The yogis from my collective could see it and feel it. I came changed with a different type of maturity – a Sahaj one. Working through you, Shri Mataji IS WORKING ON you constantly, She Makes you see in a detached manner your mistakes, to see your potential.
I met amazing people in the office that teach me a great lesson about the power that can have on yourself the work you do in the name of God, so I tried to listen more carefully what and how can I transform my work to bring me that joy, that happiness that I felt every day when I went down te stairs to say, Bongiorno and work there. Furthermore, for me, it was a change of professional perspective, and after I left my career at Shri Mataji s Lotus feet, I realize what can I do for me to become better in my profession and help Sahaja Yoga to grow.
I strongly recommend to every Yuva or adult, this internship in Cabella not only for the spiritually benefit to work in Our Beloved Mothers House but because the World Foundation could use some great Sahaja yogis, with strong vibration that can put their professional knowledge to work and enterprise at the higher level Sahaj work.
Moreover, you can understand better Sahaj culture being part of the organization of events and listen to some great stories about Shri Mataji! ‘’ Stefana

‘’ Volunteering at Cabella was something wonderful. Being in direct contact with nature, working the land, it filled my heart with so much joy and fresh vibrations.’’ Nicola

‘’I was part of the internship program along with my sister. We both applied to the architecture internship in the summer of 2018.
It was an amazing experience, that allowed me to learn new and different things (that I couldn’t learn at home) and also to live for the duration of the internship in the cool vibrations of the Castle. It also helped a lot with my university, because I was able to equate the internship with one of my subjects.
I had the chance to meet a lot of new Sahaja yogis, to make some new friends and to be present at all the pujas held in Cabella during that summer.
I would be happy to do it again anytime, and I believe that this internship really represents an opportunity for all the yuvas who would like to learn something more about their profession while living in a new and full of vibrations environment, surrounded by Sahaja yogis and love.’’ Diane

‘’It was a great experience, because during this time, I got the opportunity to live and work in the castle, in the Mother’s home, which was a great blessing, and I was surrounded by cool vibrations at all times. I was also very lucky to attend three pujas and the marriages in this period.
I learned a lot from the people I worked with on a professional level and at the same time I’ve grown on a spiritual level, being surrounded by Sahaja yogis; living with them, eating, meditating and working with them. I made a lot of friends among them and had a really great time. I have enjoyed this internship very much and I would recommend it to any yuva, being a very good opportunity to live in Cabella, even for a short period, and in the same time to learn more about your field of work, your passion, and yourself.’’ Maria