Jai Shri Mataji

Dear brothers and sisters,
These are particular times… While we step out of our routines and find ourselves confined at home, we explore new ways to meet virtually, meditate together and reach out to seekers who want to make sense of the world and themselves. We hope and pray that this crisis carries in it the seed of change, of a step forward in global awareness.

In Cabella like everywhere, this year is very different from what was planned. It is not very likely that we will be able to host many major international events in Cabella this summer. We will miss the vibrating presence of the world collective! We hope to bring all of you here in Our Mother’s Home from time to time virtually, to share and meditate together. At the same time, we would like to use this period to work on our infrastructure: renew the stage, rebuild the bathrooms at the hangar– so that, when we can receive you all again, we will be able to do so in a better equipped and more comfortable fashion.

Cabella International Sahaja School has closed in March and like many schools in the world, we are now teaching online. Here is a small exhibition that was prepared for you in school from home:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVVyCDWOM_4. We hope you will enjoy!

For the castle, this is a year of major renovations. On the first floor, the paintings on the ceilings have been carefully restored. Floor heating has been installed and traditional ceramic tiles were used to cover the floors. The windows have been replaced; doors are being restored and painted. Attached you can find a few pictures of the works done so far. There is much more to be done and we would like to continue as far as we can.

We would like to thank countries for their initiative to donate a sum similar to the expense of organizing an international Puja, and for inviting each of their Sahaja yoga families to contribute 108 Euro to the Cabella projects. In this way, together, we can easily reach our goal of 300.000 euro. Perhaps making a steady yearly contribution, rather than a one-time donation would be more desirable. Without international activities in Cabella this summer, your contributions will be essential to be able to carry forward projects like the castle renovations, infrastructure works around the hangar (hall, new bathrooms, kitchen) and the school.

We offer at Our Holy Mother’s Lotus Feet our desire to continue developing Cabella as a place of pilgrimage, a place that vibrates with the Culture of the Spirit, and where yogis and seekers from all over the world may come home to meditate and to worship Her.

Donations can be made by bank transfers or PayPal with information available at the top menu of this website. Kindly specify the project for which you would like to donate: Puja infrastructure improvements, Castle upkeep and Renovation and School Continuity, or click the paypal button below for generics donations:

Yours Sincerely,
SMNDSYWF executive committee