The first night of Navaratri was on the 29th of September 2019 and many yogis arrived in Cabella already on the 28th ‘’as unless you have been there to experience it, you don’t appreciate the immense change in vibrations.. the sense of moving from being on a battlefield for 9 nights to celebrating the victory!’’

The days slowly turn cool and autumnal, the nights draw in; all are in anticipation of the great battle to commence. The universe holds its breath for the arrival of the Glorious Mother Goddess, the Sublime Protector! The whole of Nature heralds the coming of Navaratri meditating upon its Holiness and Solemnity.
Navaratri, not only a puja but a glorious journey to touch, to feel and to embrace the divinity within! The drop becomes the ocean but hides within it another ocean. A journey from the left to the right and then to the center and simultaneously one from the Mooladhara to the Sahasrara and beyond!

A moment in time within the year that remains unparalleled in its grace and royalty! Her children arrive from all corners of the earth in greater numbers than ever before to prostrate themselves at Her Holy Lotus Feet in Her Chosen abode of Cabella, by the shores of the Ganga of Europe, the Holy Borbera River.
With one voice we sing Her praise, we rejoice and revel in the joy and love with which we welcome Her in our hearts. She receives Her dear children and bestows Her generosity upon them. The Nine Holy Nights take us to a depth rarely felt before. We feel cleansed having bathed in the Divine Nectar. We hail Her Majesty and thank Her with tears in our eyes for Her infinite bounty.

Then the unfolding joy of Dussehra lifts us to an even higher realm. The celebration of the ultimate victory of Lord Rama and the complete destruction of evil and negativity symbolized by the burning of the effigy of Ravana warms the cockles of the heart on a bitter cold night. We collectively break out in song, once again our hearts full to the brim with joy in Her praise.
We finally leave Cabella with great reluctance and yearning, yet we look forward to doing it all again the following year.


Salutations to The Glorious Queen of the Universe and of our hearts, Shri Durga Mata, Shri Jagadamba!!

‘’We all know the cliches “Mother is doing everything”. The major experience of staying the whole nine nights or most of the nine nights of Navaratri is that one gets the opportunity to really live and deepen the experience of that cliche. As the days go by and the pujas grace each evening, everybody gets a chance to offer something at Shri Mataji’s feet. Little by little the “I” awareness that comes from living in the West fades away like shadows in the sunlight and is replaced by a very deep and serene knowledge that Shri Mataji really is doing everything. That recognition brings relaxation and one finds that the more you relax, the more the Paramchaitanya takes over so that eventually there is no need for communication by mobile phone to sort out who is going with who in the car or who is doing what on each evening. The people you need to meet, the conversations you need to have, and the places you need to be are all gently and breathtakingly easily orchestrated by the Divine. Even so-called ‘work’ becomes an enjoyment.’’ Philippa