The Ganesha Puja celebration began like every year on Thursday night with the thrilling moment of the first marriage announcements. There were around 160 matches announced, 60 of which both applicants were present in Cabella. These couples met at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji and then proceeded at the bar area which provided them with a more private space where they could talk and get to know each other. The area was joyfully decorated for this occasion with lights and snacks and drinks were available for the newly matched couples. The Nirmal Temple was filled with tremendous vibrations and joy as the collective rejoiced with the couples at the matchings.


On Saturday the havan started at 7:00 a.m, in the crisp morning light, then the puja preparation began. The backdrop, hand painted by the yuvas, represented Shri Ganesha gently protecting the Castle and created a warm feeling of compassion and security. The beautiful speech of Shri Mataji was followed by many children present in the Nirmal Temple washing Mother’s Lotus Feet. At the end of the Puja, a profound silence filled the hearts of the yogis and the whole atmosphere.
After the Puja celebration spaces were cleared in the Nirmal Temple for the Mehndi ceremony. Beautiful decorations were applied to the brides by their bridesmaids and even the grooms got pampered by their brothers while everybody else enjoyed singing and dancing in joy.
The Sunday morning started with the Haldi ceremony, as it was still cool and raining, only the grooms ventured to the river while the brides’ parties celebrated on the side of the Nirmal Temple. This cleansing of grooms and brides by applying vibrated haldi was joyfully shared by everyone despite the cool damp weather and set the mood for the devotional ceremonies of the day.
Later, the brides arrived at the castle for their preparations and then, exquisitely dressed and shining, performed a Puja to Shri Gauri. They then proceeded to the Nirmal Temple and waited in meditation while the grooms worshipped Shri Mataji in the form of Shri Ganesha. The marriage ceremony was very emotional and full of vibrations as the couples made their vows for a Sahaja life together around their havan fires surrounded by their loved ones. In Italian tradition, it is said that if it is raining on your wedding day it means that your marriage will we blessed with a lot of wealth and luck. The couplets that the newlyweds traditionally say to each other at the very end of the ceremony, were varied, both deep and amusing, but we could feel all their pure love and devotion for Shri Mataji.
During the entire period of the pujas the food was deliciously and lovingly cooked by our devoted brothers and sisters from India who were helped by the volunteers from hosting and other countries.