Jai Shri Mataji!

International appeal for funds to support the refurbishment,
development and maintenance of Palazzo Doria



Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation
Cabella Ligure, 28th November 2018



Dear brothers and sisters,

We feel immense gratitude to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for the priceless gift that is Palazzo Doria, the Castle She personally chose, supervised the restoration of and lived in as one of Her primary residences from 1991 onward.




We have been and remain truly blessed and honoured to have inherited this gem. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we conserve and maintain this sublime Palace, Her Divine abode, in the form that She wished it to be kept. Her apartments are as She left them, still imbibed with Her Divine Vibrations and Presence.





It is our heartfelt desire to share this Divine legacy with all generations to come. This Holy Palace, which She resided in for 20 years and invited all Her children to for more than 100 International Pujas is to be preserved as part of the supreme world heritage for centuries to come.
To do so requires ongoing maintenance, regular development and improvements to the structure of the buildings in compliance with regulatory requirements to preserve legacy.





A unique opportunity for conservation and beautification






Images by International Sahaj Architects for Palazzo Doria


The intervention

Besides being the sacred home of Our Divine Mother, Palazzo Doria is also a registered historical building, and as such is protected by the Italian Belle Arti Authorities.

The planning of the proposed works has been undertaken over the last three years by a team of architects based in Cabella Ligure called International Sahaj Architects. All decisions have been arrived at collectively, and all technical solutions have been scrutinized with the utmost attention for quality, beauty, economy and historical awareness. The planning has been evolved with the wise counsel of several yogis who have previously worked on the Castle under Shri Mataji’s guidance during the ‘90s and named by Her as the Golden Builders.

The planned works to the main Palazzo will be divided into different phases of construction according to urgency and relevance. Absolutely no works are to be undertaken in Shri Mataji’s apartments and those of Her family.
The first phase will see the renovation of the ground and first floors. These two floors, once completed, will be open to the Sangha for hosting regular activities and for spontaneous sahaj gatherings. The ground floor will be designated as an open area for yogis to meet in a relaxed setting to enjoy a beverage and a snack. The main section of the first floor will be converted into a large meditation room, the World Foundation’s office and the Nirmal Library. The library is to be dedicated to our Mother’s Divine Truth and will be available to yogis for scholarly pursuits.
The mezzanine floor will be redesigned to create male and female dormitories for volunteers and rooms which will be used to house families tasked with looking after the Castle. In the first phase, attention will also be given to the staircase leading to the main entrance. At present this is in a very poor state. Its renovation will consist of new natural stone flooring and a fine metalwork handrail.

The planned construction will remain under constant surveillance of the Italian authorities. Hence, only highly qualified workers and professionals who are officially registered within the European Community will work on this project.


Mandatory and planned works to Palazzo Doria include the following:

– Civil Works to the Ground and First Floors – New Windows – New Electrical system – New Floor Heating System – Consolidated Boiler System External to the Castle – Inception of Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi Library Room – New Sanitary Water system to include guest bathrooms – Gardens and Landscaping – Castle Surroundings – Castle Fencing – Safety and Security Improvements – Structural Support Enhancement

All maintenance and refurbishment works will require the use of the best materials available and workmanship will need to comply with the highest standards set by the Italian Belle Arti institution. The styling of the works has been set to please Mother albeit within the limitations of our human understanding.


How can I support this?

In the spirit of complete transparency and accountability which ought to be reflected in all such auspicious and historic initiatives, we have drawn up the following guidelines. We hope this will help all to follow and support this collective endeavor.

1. A dedicated page on the Foundation’s website will list all the works which are to be undertaken. This will include an estimate of all costs.

2. For each line of work, there will be space to acknowledge the donations received from individuals and collectives, should such a request be made. In any case, a Certificate of Recognition expressing the gratitude of the global Sangha and of the Foundation for the donation will be sent to each donor irrespective of its size.

3. Each active line of work will be documented during its period of execution with pictures, videos and textual descriptions so that the entire collective will feel involved albeit remotely, in the joy of making the Castle as beautiful, safe and vibrationally pure, as possible.

4. For large donations (in excess of €20’000) we could associate an entire piece of work to the generous efforts of an individual or a collective, if they so desire.

5. Expenses incurred for each line of work will be documented so that we will all remain informed of the extent of progress of the works and respect of budget and time estimates.

6. Finally, we have created a dedicated bank account for all the works related to the up-keep of Palazzo Doria. This will ensure that all donations are entirely and solely dedicated to the execution of the planned works. It will also allow the world collective to be conscious of the fact that we are all responsible for the speed of advancement of the works. The faster the donations arrive, the quicker the planned works will be executed. We pray that this legacy project will be pleasing to our Divine Mother and bring joy to the global Sangha.


Bank Account:

Iban: IT 75 G 03111 48710 000000001353
Bic/Swift Code: BLOPIT22

Please specify in the transfer document the intended destination of your donation – Palazzo Doria –
and kindly add your email to receive our confirmation.



Please use the following link to donate with paypal:


For any further information please contact the World Foundation at: info@sahajaworldfoundation.org

Or the responsible architects at: internationalsahajarchitects@gmail.com



Jai Shri Mataji!