This year Guru Puja seemed to be a Puja of opulence. There was the magnificent newly carved golden frame and setting for Our Mother as well as the backdrop of the most lavish room. We seemed this year to want to place Our Divine Mother and Guru in the best possible setting that our imagination could conjure up. Shri Mataji once said the higher you put me the higher you go.
The Italian collective desired to offer to Shri Mataji a new altar to mark this wonderful occasion. Hand crafted and beautifully painted, it is now residing in the Nirmal temple, shrouding a glorious hand carved golden frame befitting Our Sat Guru.

We celebrated the Guru Purnima puja on Thursday evening and on Friday evening there was the eclipse that had “forced” us to be all in the Nirmal Temple on time. The evening programs on Friday and Saturday presented by the hosting countries were of the highest artistic level, with the always impeccable Aunty Purna presiding over the event.

On Sunday morning there was a real pilgrimage.
Early in the morning after meditation, many of the Sahaja Yogis went on foot from the Nirmal Temple up to Cabella, walking along a newly created path alongside the river, surrounded by wonderful nature and singing bhajans along the way. They reached the home of Our Dear and Divine Mother, through a beautifully planted Kundalini Path through the gardens below the house.
Before climbing the stairs of the Castle, they all walked around Her Abode in a clockwise direction, describing what is known as Pradakshinat. After paying homage to our Sat Guru, many yogis formed a long queue outside the Castle. They waited their turn to leave a dedication of love and profound gratitude, in diaries that were offered to Her Divine Feet at the end of the Puja.
There, in the most perfect and meditative silence, rose petals were offered to Her Lotus Feet and we collectively invited Mother to participate in the Puja being prepared that same afternoon.
That night a traditional firework spectacle closed the weekend of celebration – the last final explosion of joy of the nearly two thousand yogis gathered at the Nirmal Temple.