Every year the Wellness Camp takes over the Cabella School building. Casaforme transforms into a centre for yogis to come and find balance in their lives. There, Shri Mataji’s love and healing powers are transmitted through dedicated doctors and helpers in the treatment area.
Dr Sujata directs the camp with the most loving care. This year we also welcomed Dr. Dipali Bandekar, Dr Mehra & Dr Madhur Rai, with additional support from Dr Giovanna and many devoted volunteers as part of the wellness team.

Feedback from 1 of the 200 guests who participated this year.

Wellness for me personally was a life changing experience that I really needed. I thought I was already doing that, but in reality I was not and it was my ego making me believe I was doing something for myself. I was fooling myself and wellness enlightened me. When my doctor was working on me I felt the strength in my inner self confidence and security that Mother is there to take care of me. Mother was giving me wisdom and power to be able to fight the physical aspect I was facing in my life”.

Working at Vashi, the team achieved an incredible depth in various Sahaj treatments and techniques, and then dedicated themselves to spreading these experiences with all the Sahaja Yogis of the world.
Wellness offers the opportunity to celebrate puja at the castle, havan, foot-soaks in the Borbera river and much more. A team of volunteers and helpers from kitchen to dorm and preparation of all the materials needed by all patients, silently works from 5 am to midnight to support brothers and sisters benefit from the camp.

The World Foundation express deep gratitude to the entire team and to all the guests for making this year Wellness Camp a great vibrational and joyful success!

A few Impressions from Yogis who experienced this year:

“I enjoyed the wellness camp very much, with each day I could feel the improvement within myself. The puja at the castle felt very special. Thank you to all the staff for working tirelessly to make this a wonderful stay for all of us”.

“I have always felt a lot of subtle work going on from the beginning until the end. But now I feel very clear, Thank you for everything”.

“For me meditations in the nature were generally most silent (thoughtless), morning time is beautiful, early mornings at the river, morning meditations very strong”.

“I had a very different impression a the beginning of the camp than at the end. At the beginning, I thought it was just a camp where everybody would get rid of their problems and focus on that, minding their own business. But actually, its almost a big joy being here, everybody clearing out their problem together with the support of their lovely Doctors”.

“Thank you so much to all of you for your sharing experience, love, patience. For this great opportunity of growing here in Cabella, offering these treatments here. So we don’t have to travel to India. To bring the Doctors from India and create this feeling of one big family Jai Shree Mataji”.

“The wellness camp was for me like stairways to heaven. Starting with some damaged chakras, step by step like opening an orange and pull away all the white threads, these chakras became more clearer and more cooler. All treatments and homework with help from the Dr helped little by little and in the end I felt and feel cool everywhere. I feel Shree Mataji cares in every little detail for me and my preferences, showing me how I can be at one with her: To be in the sahasrara, here she resides and to be there and be with one with her is more and more easy in this wonderful place”.