Dear Brother and Sister, In Cabella, we cherished the blessings of Our Dearest Mother Shri Mataji for over a decade, with over a hundred international pujas hosted here and a good portion of the summer, year after year, She spent here with all of us. Many of us have lived through the most magical, precious, memorable moments that one could ever hope for.
From the very beginning, when She found this little place alongside the river running through Val Borbera in Piedmont – which She often said reminded Her of Kashmir – with Her divine touch, She converted a place on the verge of being a ruin into a palatial abode for Her children to gather and enjoy, whilst growing deeper in Sahaja Yoga meditation, benefitting from wellness, enriching spiritual and cultural experience, educational facilities, not to mention touristic activities in possibly one of the richest countries in the world in terms of art.
With these beautiful memories of Shri Mataji, and our hearts full of gratitude, we are pleased to announce that we have received formal approval to carry out some maintenance work in the Castle (Palazzo Doria). Our sahaja architects have done an outstanding job of putting together the drawings and documentation that not only shares the historical perspective of this place, but highlights the enhanced significance it has acquired in its time with the Adi Shakti’s stay here in this holy place. As displayed in the layouts exhibits at different events throughout last year, our intent is to keep Shri Mataji’s Castle in the style and splendor it was when She most generously donated it, at the time Shri Mataji constituted the World Foundation.
We would like to point out that Shri Mataji’s floor levels (Her apartments and those of Her family’s residence) are not part of the project and so will not be disturbed in any way. The floor levels below including the ground and first level, rest rooms and Mezzanine that require immediate maintenance including plumbing, flooring, electrical, heating work, will be renovated carefully using only the choicest materials / layouts approved by Belle Arti institution, in co-ordination with sahaja architects, builders and specialized artisans in the most appropriate way.
We will be soon share the plan and work progression on the World Foundation web-site. This indeed is the most important heritage project we will be running over the next couple of years for which we deeply appreciate your comprehension and patience. Please stay in tune as we humbly welcome you to help and enjoy your stay in Cabella. For donations please visite the following page: Donate Palazzo Doria or use other option from the main menu above.
We humbly seek the blessings of Our Dearest Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sandeep Gadkary, Horacio Albertolli, Duilio Cartocci on behalf of World Foundation and Casa Madre.