With our hearts bowed in Her bhakti and love, the Sahaja Yoga Wellness Team at Cabella, invite Yogis from all over the world to take the opportunity to attend the Wellness Camp – 2019.
The Wellness Camp gives one a chance to spend a minimum of a week focusing solely on one’s own ascent. This journey is possible in an atmosphere full of vibrations and joyful collectivity amidst the most beautiful landscape and nourishing experience of ‘life in Cabella’. With all ones needs catered for, including laundry if required, there is no distraction from introspection, growth and meditation.
Daily there is assistance and guidance from a loving and caring team of brothers and sisters who have obtained enormous depth in Sahaja treatments and techniques.
The schedule comprises of opportunities to offer pujas in the Castle, havans, individual counselling sessions, collective meditation, practice of Sahaj treatments and techniques, daily footsoak and/or body soaks in the holy river Borbera – the Ganges of Italy, being one with the Mother Nature and last but not the least living a collective life in Casa Forme.
The Wellness Camp has the overall supervision of Dr. Sujata Kenjale Tommasi, a deep Indian Sahaja Yogini who has lived in Italy for many years. She is an expert in Āyurvedic medicine, a career she pursued on the advise of Shri Mataji. However in the Wellness Camp only Sahaj practices are followed.
Dr. Sujata will be assisted by Dr. Mehra and Dr. Dipali, well known Sahaja Yogis from India, with many years of experience in Sahaja treatments and deeply devoted to this service of love.
Please be informed that there is a limited number of places.
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We want to specifically highlight that Cabella Wellness Camp is recommended only for established Sahaja Yogis.
Kindly DO NOT consider the camp as a substitute for any treatment to cure any form of medical condition.