Maintenance work in the Castle

Dear Brother and Sister, In Cabella, we cherished the blessings of Our Dearest Mother Shri Mataji for over a decade, with over a hundred international pujas hosted here and a good portion of the summer, year after year, She spent here with all of us. Many of us have lived through the most magical, precious, memorable moments that one could ever hope for.
From the very beginning, when She found this little place alongside the river running through Val Borbera in Piedmont…
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Puja Calendar 2019

The calendar is the result of consultations between Hosting Countries, the Central Committee and the World Foundation.See More Detailed

Cabella Wellness Camp 2018

With our hearts bowed in Her bhakti and love, we at Sahaja Yoga World Center, invite all Sahaja Yogis from all over the world to attend the Cabella Wellness Camp – 2018. The Wellness Camp gives one a soulful and nourishing experience of the ‘life at Cabella’ amidst the most beautiful landscape and ambience full of vibrations. See More Detailed

Culture of the Spirit

Art Academy 2018
It is with great joy that we invite you to register online for the Nirmal Arts Academy 2018 hosted at the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Centre in Cabella. Participants can choose from over 40 courses and workshops; from Indian classical music and dance to miniature painting, ayurvedic massage, theatre and pastry making! New courses: from China Xun and Hank musical instruments and painting; Expressive Arts Therapy.
Nirmal Arts Academy: 31st July – 9th August
Culture of the Spirit Festival: 11th – 12th August
You can find more information about the Nirmal Arts Academy courses, teachers, schedule and how to register to the following link: See More Detailed