Shri Vishnumaya Puja, Word Festival, Shri Ganesha Puja and Sahaj Marriages in Cabella Ligure 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Global Sahaja Sangha,
Jai Shri Mataji!
Shri Vishnumaya Puja
There was an air of excitement in the Borbera Valley leading up to the Vishnumaya Puja, the World Festival, Ganesha Puja and the marriages. There were yogis from everywhere arriving. Potential brides and grooms, parents and friends as well as a great contingent of our Indian brothers and sisters were all coming together to worship our Holy Mother and enjoy each other for 10 days. It felt like the old Ganapatipule days where we could experience the extent and diversity of our Sahaj family.

Special thanks to the enormous efforts and great teamwork of the Hosting Countries and the kitchen teams during all our September events. They were experienced as serene, peaceful and joyful beyond expectations.
One of the strongest impressions felt at the beginning of this time was after the Vishnumaya Havan early the first morning. It was a feeling of great clarity and lightness. The air seemed clear and had a sparkle to it. As everyone dispersed to breakfast after the Havan, the faces of the yogis were also reflecting this clarity and brightness. 
No doubt the great power in the names of Vishnumaya had an effect but maybe it was also the culmination of the Krishna Puja and the amazing Love America Tour resulting in a clearing of the Vishuddhi chakra of the world that was palpable after this Havan. There was a deep joy and collective maturity in our witnessing powers. 
This ability to witness allows us to cope with composure and dignity. There were dramas large and small during this time, as there can be whenever there is a great gathering of people, but somehow the overall serenity of the collective was never disturbed.
Raksha Bandhan
The rakhi ceremony in the afternoon was full of love and light and, as always, the sweetness. There was a strong sense of collectivity between the hosting countries of Vishnumaya Puja which, due to no moon on Sunday, was held on Saturday night.
World Festival
The Festival started with a Women's Forum in the Nirmal Temple.
Nearly a hundred yoginis from all over the world gathered to exchange their experiences as women with focus on marriage in Sahaja Yoga. Purna and Meera were the facilitators of the meeting.
After a short meditation session, the audience watched a video compilation on recommendations and advice from Shri Mataji with special reference to the role of Lakshmi followed by a short video on the value of Sahaj Marriages. Thereafter, some guests were asked to share their own life experiences. 
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Shri Ganesha Puja
It was so joyful to witness the preparation for the Ganesh Puja and the weddings. Brothers and sisters from far flung places collaborating with the yuvas. Some experienced, some very young and new to the procedures but full of excitement and enthusiastic energy. The Puja decoration reflected these feelings with flowers showering down from above.
The Puja was live streamed and the flood of vibrations were felt deeply, elevated by our musician brothers and sister from India. The joy of Shri Ganesha’s worship of his Mother was felt by the gathered international family.
The culmination of this joy was the mehndi ceremony after the Puja.
The matches had been made, the Ganesha Puja had cleared us all and now the wedding proceedings were beginning.  At the front of the temple was a display of radiant brides faces, hovering grooms and the bent heads of the attending artists creating delicate patterns to hands and feet to the accompaniment of beautiful music. It was a sea of serenity. Indeed, this word serene was used to describe both the matching process and the matches this year by several of the IMC members as well as some of the couples themselves. This continued in to the next day’s ceremonies.
The Marriages
Marriage is an auspicious occasion, is the most auspicious occasion in the life of human beings. It is auspicious, that's why it's joy giving and the vibrations flow with that auspiciousness all over the world.
HH. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
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Marriage Ceremonies
The day began with a haldi ceremony by the river, an occasion filled with the highest joy, accompanied by bhajans, dance, and watercolour.
Whilst preparations in the castle began, the brides and grooms readied themselves for pujas in Shri Mataji’s living room. 
After perfoming the Shri Gauri Puja to the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji at the castle, the brides arrived into the Nirmal Temple and settled in meditation waiting for the grooms to perform the Shri Ganesha puja in Shri Mataji's apartment. When the grooms also reached the Nirmal Temple, a small procession was held to welcome them. There were beating drums and singing. Children took the shoulder seat, as they enjoyed the wonderful sights and sounds of the atmosphere and their entire expression lit up with jubilance.
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