Wellness and Guru Puja 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Global Sahaja Sangha,
Jai Shri Mataji!
Wellness camp 6 weeks during July & August
Every year the Wellness Camp takes over the Cabella School building. Casaforme transforms into a centre for yogis to come and find balance in their lives. There, Shri Mataji's love and healing powers are transmitted through dedicated doctors and helpers in the treatment area. 
Dr Sujata directs the camp with the most loving care. This year we also welcomed Dr. Dipali Bandekar, Dr Mehra & Dr Madhur Rai, with additional support from Dr Giovanna and many devoted volunteers as part of the wellness team. 
Feedback from 1 of the 200 guests who participated this year. 
Wellness for me personally was a life changing experience that I really needed. I thought I was already doing that, but in reality I was not and it was my ego making me believe I was doing something for myself. I was fooling myself and wellness enlightened me. When my doctor was working on me I felt the strength in my inner self confidence and security that Mother is there to take care of me. Mother was giving me wisdom and power to be able to fight the physical aspect I was facing in my life”.
The World Foundation express deep gratitude to the entire team and to all the guests for making this year Wellness Camp a great vibrational and joyful success!
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Summer updates: Renewal of the Camp
During summer 2017 the Nirmal Vihar project undertook a collective consensus by trialling out several options for new accommodation. The overwhelming response was for the ‘Natural and Aesthetically’ pleasing canvas tents, which the collective chose.
This year, with a large investment, 50 of these new tents for Cabella Camp was added, hosting brothers and sisters during puja’s and other events held during the summer months. The tents are positioned either side of the Mulino Kitchen area. At one side the 'Mothers n Children' and the 'Ladies tents' and the 'Men tents' at the other side. Donations to the World Foundation funds for these beautiful new accommodation facilities are most appreciated.
Guru Puja - Nirmal Temple
This year Guru Puja seemed to be a Puja of opulence. There was the magnificent newly carved golden frame and setting for Our Mother as well as the backdrop of the most lavish room. We seemed this year to want to place Our Divine Mother and Guru in the best possible setting that our imagination could conjure up. Shri Mataji once said the higher you put me the higher you go.
The Italian collective desired to offer to Shri Mataji a new altar to mark this wonderful occasion. Hand crafted and beautifully painted, it is now residing in the Nirmal temple, shrouding a glorious hand carved golden frame befitting Our Sat Guru.
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