Cabella World Festival 2018
Dear Brother and Sister,
With great joy, we would like to invite you to the five days’ celebration of the Cabella World Festival, Mon10th to Fri 14th September, 2018. This Festival will be held during the week between Shri Vishnumaya and Shri Ganesha Pujas.
During this time, the Sahaja Yogis of the world will live together to enjoy collective meditations, participate in wonderful Sahaja programmes and unite in joyful vibrations in preparation for the Shri Ganesha Puja weekend.
This unique event will be organized in a spontaneous manner by Sahaja Yogis as a “Self-organized Event” where all those attending are simultaneously hosting and hosted.
The Sahaja Yoga Camp at Nirmal Nagari is the beautiful heritage of Shri Mataji which She gifted to all Her children and we should all develop a sense of Collective belonging and ownership for it.
The World Foundation is only a caretaker on behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis of the World and especially for this Festival, the hosting Country is the World Sahaja Sangha. The Festival is supported and facilitated by the International Yuva Shakti and the World Foundation.  
This promises to be a large gathering and all Sahaja Yogis are requested to display great enthusiasm and collective qualities in volunteering for different tasks. Everybody should come forward to help out at least once a day (for a 3 hours shift) in order to make this “Self’- organised event” a grand and joyful success.
Also, all Sahaja yogis are invited to contribute to the cultural/entertainment programmes. There will be three separate time slots per day for conducting activities, morning, afternoon and evening, each of three hours duration.
The activities can be of a variable nature, for example – vibrational workshops, music therapy, ragas, presentation videos of realization tours or any Sahaja Yoga event conducted in any country.
New events and programmes which are scheduled to happen in the near future can also be introduced. Last but not least, cultural performances such as theatre, music, dance or any artistic talent can be included in the Festival.
If you would like to organize any event during this week please write to Ezio Prandini at:
Meals’ Facility:
Please note that volunteers are needed at the Mulino kitchen for preparing food, cooking, serving meals and cleaning.
Cost of meals from Monday 10th lunch to Friday 14th September lunch:
Adults: €70
Yuvas (16-26 years): €51
Teenagers (10-15 years): €21
Children below 9 years: €9
Eastern (Developing Countries)
Adults: €51
Yuvas (16-26 years): €51
Teenagers (10-15 years): €21
Children below 9 years: €9
However, as a sign of your generosity towards the (very significant) investment in the new canvas tents this year, an additional voluntary donation would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your attention and generosity.
With love and respect,
The International Yuva Shakti and the World Foundation Management Team.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja World Foundation
Via Martiri della Libertà 11, 15060 Cabella Ligure (AL) Italy
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