Shri Mataji’s Abode in New Jersey, USA

(Shri Mataji during the Guru Poornima celebrations in Her House in New Jersey, USA, 21 July 2005)
Jai Shri Mataji!
Dear Family,


Shri Mataji's House in New Jersey is one of the few places in the Vishuddhi of the Virata that Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti saw fit to establish a physical abode for Herself in Her ceaseless efforts for the liberation and enlightenment of America. This hallowed ground in New Jersey represents not only a place where She would reside, but is an expression of Her desire and divine inspiration in physical form, as She Herself designed every nuance and detail of this place which we are so blessed to act as stewards for the generations to come.


As some of you may know repairs and restoration of critical portions of Shri Mataji’s House have been undertaken for the past few years. Since the inception of The House project in 2012, many fundamental issues have been identified in the structure and their consequent long-term needs evaluated from multiple perspectives. This involved a diverse group of specialists which primarily included home inspectors, architects, construction specialists and roofers. Hence, the overall project was divided into multiple phases (I-III) whose address was based on a prioritization basis, subject to availability of funds. 


Having completed Phase I (creation of a ‘waterproof envelope’ around the Abode) and Phase II (involving interior work related to proper insulation, electrical work, fire alarm system installation, sheetrock installation etc), the Abode is finally compliant with US building codes. The primary benefit of this venture is that we have now been able to obtain a homeowner’s insurance for the first time since the construction of this auspicious structure. Obtaining this type of insurance, a basic necessity in most situations, marks a truly significant step towards long term safeguarding of this very valuable property.


We now have to embark on the next phase of this journey which by most accounts should be the last of the original 3 phases outlined by the consultant architect at the start of this project some years ago. This so called third phase (Phase III) primarily addresses the issue of grading of the surrounding land of the House and installation of the balcony railings.


Briefly, the issue is as follows. Given the location of the Abode, i.e. on a gradient, water from heavy rains or snow upon melting flows downhill on the rear side of the House and directly impacts the foundation and thereafter finds its way into the crawlspace. If this ongoing insult is not remedied it will cause significant damage to the structure. With proper grading and installation of a drainage system, we can address this issue and prevent this ongoing damage to the foundation. This phase will also address crawl-space ventilation and installation of gutters around the balconies. And finally it will include the installation of the balcony railings and the exterior columns to restore the original aesthetics of the Abode as designed by Shri Mataji.


The ultimate objective i.e. a long-term vision, for the Abode itself is to memorialize Shri Mataji’s Legacy. Dedicated to the proposition of memorializing SHRI MATAJI, there is a desire to develop an oral history project which will help serve this much needed goal not just for the present generation, but more so for those who will come after us and will have never have had the opportunity to experience HER presence except thru audio-visual formats.


The House project team has embarked on a fundraising initiative to raise funds for this phase which would be $160,000 USD.
Contributions to Shri Mataji’s House Project can be made online via PayPal, Credit or Debit cards and by mailing checks.


To donate online via PayPal or Credit and Debit Cards please click on the link: 


(Please select the check-box for 'Shri Mataji’s Home, New Jersey, USA')


To donate by checks, write the check payable to “VND – Shri Mataji’s House” and mail it to VND, 268 Overpeck Avenue, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660.   


The Abode, created by Shri Mataji, has been over these past years, nurtured and nourished by HER children through their unflinching dedication and generosity of hearts and minds. The ultimate vision of this entire venture is to create an enduring monument to memorialize our Divine Mother for generations to come. We hope that SHE will grant us the wisdom to do what is appropriate and fortitude to bear what comes our way to see this project to its completion.


Roopam Dehi, Jayam Dehi, Yasho Dehi, Dwisho Jayi!


Jai Shri Mataji!


With much love,
The House Project Team



Shri Mataji's abode restoration efforts done on the previous two phases wins a prestigious award
Over the past years we have engaged the services of Coppola Brothers, a NJ based company for the restoration of Shri Mataji's abode. It is truly wonderful to share that the exterior work that was completed by Coppola Brothers on Shri Mataji's house was recognized by the Metropolitan Builders Association at their annual Awards of Excellence.  


Coppola Brothers received the award for Best Residential Addition or Alteration, one of the the highest honors given for their outstanding work as judged by this industry group.


Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association is the local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders and is affiliated with the New Jersey Builders Association of Homebuilders. The organization has approx 300 members who represent home builders, remodelers, the trades and professionals who support them. 


This Association annually recognizes excellence by selecting the best work done by its members as judged by a panel of internal jurors. These awards therefore are a coveted acknowledgement by an industry peer group of a job well-done. This year there were 166 entries vying for these prestigious awards. 



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