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The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foudantion and the Cabella Team would like to express their Love and their Appreciation for all brothers and sisters around the world in conveying their best wishes for a


May all the Sahaja Yogis be blessed by Her Divine Attention. May we all alsways be guided by Her Infinite Grace into deel Sahaja awarness and understanding. May Her Divine Lotus Feet always rest in our hearts and fill them with Her Immense Love for all Her children. At this auspicious time, we would like to offer to your attention also the last newsletter of 2017. We are certain that you will forgive us for making this newsletter a little longer but we find it important to share the work and the joy that unite us in working out the many projects in Cabella. Furthermore, collective attention and vibrational support are vital for the positive outcome of our efforts. The Puja season here in Cabella has ended with a great Navaratri Festival. This summer, Cabella has welcomed over 7.000 guests: an ever-growing number of Sahaja Yogis from all over the world. The love and the joy of this collective has embraced us all touching our hearts, supporting us with the following projects:

Nirmal Vihar
The new camping tents for the Albera camp
We experimented with different types of tents and collected feedback from our visitors. The pneumatic tents we have tried turned out to take too much maintenance and care, were heavy to move and fragile for damage. We also tried canvas tents made of strong cotton and found them light and easy in maintenance, fast to put up and reasonable in cost. We got a lot of positive feedback for these canvas tents, saying they are elegant as well as comfortable. We have bought 18 of these tents so far, which have been happily used by mothers with small children and for the (ca. 500!) brothers and sisters coming from India.
For this project, we have received a total amount of ca. € 19.000,00 and we spent ca. € 15.650,00 so far. For the coming Puja season we will need more tents so your donations are still very welcome, if you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.
Many thanks to all the yogis and collectives who have already supported this project with their donations!

Nirmal Temple
The Ex Hangar
Many yogis have expressed their desire to emphasise the sanctity of the hangar at the camp. Shri Mataji has blessed us with Her presence here in hundreds of Pujas and programs and we still invite Her to join us each time we gather to worship Her. So a new name seemed more appropriate and a sign saying NIRMAL TEMPLE was carved in fir wood and put up above the reception desk. Further works at the Nirmal Temple included the renovation and painting of the inner entrance wall.

Green Resting Area
Next to the Nirmal Temple
We asked the international collective to propose ideas on how to use the space next to the Nirmal Temple where our bar used to be. We received suggestions through many emails, a majority wishing a simple field were yogis can rest in the shade. So the ground was freed from the gravel, new soil and grass were laid down and soon flowers and bushes will be planted around for the eyes and hearts to rejoice.
At the time of Ganesha puja this field was also used to seat yogis. For the next Puja season, a big screen and speakers will be placed there for the Pujas where many yogis attend. The cost of this project was approximately € 4.500 (removal of gravel, placing of new soil, new grass and fertiliser). We still need to buy flowers and bushes, if you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

Annapurna Project
The kitchen at the Mulino Area

The new sponsored kitchen facilities have been subject to a great load of work this past summer. Thanks to the new appliances and the great cooking teams, the camp has been able to serve thousands of people with delicious food at all the Pujas held in Cabella. Also the renovation of two of the rooms above the Mulino kitchen has been completed. 
Total donation received for this project is nearly €50.000,00, the costs have been of ca. €75.000,00. If you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

Children Playground
An Austrian uncle who has been building public European standard playgrounds for over twenty years, has donated a four seat swing, a slide with regulation ladder and a sand box with small fence and self-closing gate for our children’s playground” at the Albera camp. A team of uncles devotedly worked to set up this brand new, beautiful and safe playground for small children near the kitchen area at the Mulino.

New Bellavista Camping Area
As many of you know, Shri Mataji bought land on the hill opposite our camp entrance in Albera and wished us to camp there at international Puja seminars. Finally, Her vision is working out! During the summer, many volunteers started the hard work and have realised a terrace of ca. 1.000m². Some tents were placed there for yuvas to enjoy the new spartan facilities and the great view. We are looking forward to expanding the camp site to host at least 10 canvas tents and provide bathrooms and showers.
Cost of the first step in this project was ca. € 4.000. If you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

New Bellavista Agrotourism Farm
Since agriculture must be the main activity of this location, we are planning a project of sustainable agriculture on the World Foundation’s land. An international group of Sahaja yogis is looking into this project, which will include beekeeping, an orchard with fruits trees, a vineyard, plant and flower nurseries. The products will serve our needs in Cabella and the surplus will be sold.

New toilets/bathrooms facilities
The plans for the new construction of the toilets and bathrooms next to the Temple are ready! As the number of visiting yogis is growing considerably, we urgently need to renovate these facilities accordingly. The plans include family bathrooms for parents with small children and changing rooms. A budget of approx. € 100.000 will be needed for this project. If you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

Castle Renovation
The plan for the Castle's renovation has been prepared by our “ISA Team” (International Sahaj Architects) and submitted to the Italian “Belle Arti” commission for approval. Your bandhans and attention on this project are most needed. If you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

Cabella International Sahaja School (CISS)
We continue working on establishing the school as a protected, stimulating and joyful environment for our children to grow and learn. For this new academic year, we are blessed again with a dynamic and enthusiastic team of experienced staff as well as yuvas. We are aware that this project was very dear to our Mother and we humbly pray that we may grow in our understanding of Sahaj education and in gaining recognition for its value in the broader world. If you wish you can donate for this project using the following link: DONATE NOW.

Casa Madre Label - Musical edition
Casa Madre, the label, and Theatre of Eternal Values have teamed up to release and promote "Culture of the Spirit" branded musical productions of Sahaja Yogis artists, in all digital and physical formats. Following the "Culture of the Spirit" compilation album in 2015, we are now delighted to announce the Christmas release of "ELIEM the Album", a work composed and produced by the Viennese duo Emanuel and Elisabeth Schulz. It is available now on iTunes and Spotify - an ideal Christmas gift! To find out more and download your copy of the album please click the following link: Eliem
Casa Madre's profits are used for the maintenance and development of the Cabella International Sahaj School (CISS) and the World Centre in Cabella.

As you can see, by Shri Mataji's Grace, Cabella has many projects in process. All of this can be made possible only by the support of many volunteers from all over the world, by many individual and collective donations and of course, by Shri Mataji's blessings.
We pray to our beloved Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for further guidance and thank Her again and again for Her blessings. May we all be humble instruments able to fulfill Her Divine vision of Sahaj awareness in this world.

With Sahaj love to all!
Cabella Team
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