Photo by Emanuele Coniglio - The rehearsal of the Divine Symphony Orchestra, Palazzo Nirmala Devi, Cabella 2016



Dearest Sahaj family,


We are full of joy in inviting you to the 12th year of  the Nirmal Arts Academy and the 9th Culture of the Spirit Festival.

It is with deepest gratitude that we receive the blessings of Our Divine Mother, and thank Her from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to grow during these years of intense activity and collective artistic production.


The desire to grow more and more to become effective instruments of the Devi is widespread and powerful.

So once again we invite you to share this summer in Cabella, along with great artists and teachers, with pure creativity, the beauty of nature that surrounds us and in the magnitude of vibrations of the loving embrace of all our sisters and brothers and above all the heavenly blessings of our Divine Mother.


The Nirmala Arts Academy for 12 years years has offer dozens of courses devoted to art in its different aspects: music, dance, theatre, visual arts, as well as the therapeutic and introspective aspects of art and much more. All in an international, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary setting; fertile terrain for the creation of new exciting projects among the artists and participating yogis. It is an opportunity to manifest the creative and expressive power of our Self.


The Nirmal Arts Academy is a 10-day period that will end with a Festival which is open to the public: the Culture of the Spirit Festival, a two-day series of concert performances, exhibitions and meditation sessions. It is an event where the public can immerse themselves in the beauty of the culture of the spirit and the experience of Sahaj collective joy.


A Theatre of Eternal Values initiative ​​in collaboration with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation


Dates:   Nirmal Arts Academy from 11 to 20 July

Culture of the Spirit Festival 22-23 July


Soon there will be information about courses and events programs and the site will be updated

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