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The light within

"Oh light, the light of my heart...light that dances in the air like a wave that moves like butterflies..."

(R. Tagore)

This was the sky above the Castle the day after Navratri: immense, majestic, amazing after these intense Ten Nights of the Goddess... 

Due to the lunar calendar, this year we had ten nights of Navratri instead of nine, the first day Pratipada being spread on two days. Needless to stress out how strong the vibrations were during this period. The hosting countries (Ukraine, UK, Cyprus, Israel) worked hard to organize all the pujas and we thank them warmly for it and for the great time that we spent together. 
Kojagiri (Sharad) Purnima
Diwali, the celebration of pure light, the light of the Spirit, the inner light which is constantly guiding us. During these five auspicious days we celebrated together the light in our hearts, and we could feel such bubbling joy inside, the pure joy of God's love. 
Though the international puja took place in Löffingen, Germany, we were more than 200 yogi(ni)s to celebrate it also in Mother's abode in Cabella, in a profusion of vibrations, cheerfullness and...prasad.

Children's vegetable garden
on the way!
This is it! On the 12th of September 2016 the Cabella International Sahaja School finally reopened. 28 beautiful children from different countries now attend elementary school up to the 5th grade. Despite several inspections from the Italian authorities, nothing can really trouble the peaceful harmony of the school Mother wanted to have here in Cabella. The echos in the local press are also positive, which is an encouraging indicator that the Sahaj culture is being more and more accepted in the local social framework. Jai Shri Mataji!
Green Cabella
Sahaja Yoga is not only about sitting in meditation, mantras and clearing technics. Mother wants us to develop in every way, to transform ourselves effectively in our daily life and to be 'absolutely knowledgeable'. We have now started a series of meetings on different topics and their similarities with Sahaja Yoga. The first meeting was dedicated to the pre-socratic philosophical schools. We also discover out that surprisingly (or not), the essence of music is...silence. Long life to these enriching meetings!
Shri Ganesha Puja
Navratri Puja 

On the 15th of October we celebrated the Kojagiri Purnima (or Sharad Purnima) as a worship to Shri Mahalakshmi. Night vigil is observed, at least until midnight, which we did, enjoying each other's company and a good cup of kheer!
It is said that She is visiting everybody on this night and that She is pleased with those whom She finds awake. The Earth and the Moon are very close on this day and the sages believed that on this night the moon rays drip off nectar and that they have healing properties. 
That is why the rice kheer made on this occasion is left under the moonlight and then distributed as prasad.

Diwali Puja
One cannot just 'sit' in Paradise, the privilege of living here also means a great responsibility towards this place. So we put much attention and love and joy in taking care of it. The children of the Cabella school have started a new vegetable garden. There are composts in Centrassi, in the mulino area, at the Castle. We are experimenting different natural products, aromatic water, artisanal soap, we are drying herbs, mint, rosehip, chillies and we make different jams, chutneys out of the fruits of the earth Mother has blessed us with. 
Cabella International
Sahaja School

We are very lucky to have at our disposal so many natural resources waiting for us to discover and to use them. The Krishi project has started in the mulino area, it consists in comparing different types of agriculture and also a 'vibrated' field with a 'non-vibrated' one. The method has already successfully been used in several villages in India. In a few months we will be able to see for ourselves the results of this experiment and also to share them with the world.
The Wednesday's meetings

2016 is the year of all the records in what concerns the affluence. More than 2000 yogi(ni)s were present for Shri Krishna and Shri Ganesha Puja. We can feel that all the subtle work that has been done for so many years starts showing its fruit. Yuvas from all over the world put so much enthusiasm, love and joy to organize this puja and indeed they did a great job.
Sahaj marriages
During a majestic marriage ceremony on Sunday, the 4th of September, more than 50 couples expressed their desire to live with the partner that Shri Mataji chose for them. Such a vibrant atmosphere and bubbling effervescence of joy! This year was a special one because we celebrated 25 years since our Mother instituted the Sahaj marriages also in Cabella. May the blessings of Shri Ganesha accompany all these couples every moment of their existence...
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