Cabella: a living valley ● Krishna Puja ● World Festival
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Cabella, a living valley

Cabella is our sweet home we cherish so much in our hearts, but we also know Cabella is a laboratory for the entire globe. Whatever we start doing here is important, and it has impact upon the rest of the world. Our spiritual work is not disconnected from the rest of our life, all is integrated. Should we build something, set up a big project, give a hand to someone, offer a flower at Mother's Feet, everything done wholeheartedly is a puja to the Divine. May Cabella be a land where nature, arts, spirituality come together in perfect harmony, reflecting our  Mother's vision.

A project of developing a sustainable community in Cabella has started this year. Since 2009, work has been done in recycling and waste management, in shopping organic and local products. A group of dedicated yogis from many countries (UK, China, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, India, Finland) worked together this summer and created a beautiful project.
The general goal is to create a Sahaj community that interact with the local community on matters like food, energy, economy, agriculture and could eventually become a model for the world.
We are doing also the experience of Sahaj Krishi which is massively introduced in rural areas in India. The University of Torino is very interested to test the results of our experiments in agriculture. 

The World Festival

On the 18th of August we celebrated the Shri Vishnumaya Puja. A Rakhi was humbly offered to our Mother.
On the 28th of August we celebrated Shri Krishna Puja, one of the biggest ever, with more than 2000 participants. 

A beautiful Raksha Bandhan ceremony took place and on this auspicious occasion the sisters could offer their dear brothers the bracelet symbolizing the pure relationships uniting them.
The mulino kitchen
A new compost site (hangar area)
Children from Daglio camp gardening at the Castle
After Shri Krishna Puja we had a joyful festival with many events, music, lovely dances full of vibrations... And hey! we even had the first edition of Sahaja Yoga has talent, where we discovered such beautiful new talents!
After long years of absence, the famous Mukhi Ram and Sandeep Dalal Brothers music group again brought effervescence in our evenings in Cabella.
Of course, let us not forget the International Yuva Shakti Seminar, a very special moment to share for all the yuvas!
Shri Krishna Puja
After two big pujas, we can finally say it: the new mulino kitchen is functional, it has already given its proof! The new equipment is very efficient, and it facilitated the task of the kitchen team, which has done a great work this summer, having succeeded in feeding thousands of yogis! This is the first step of a long process in improving the mulino area, but we have set up good basis this year for further development. Thank you, Mother, as You are really the Doer...

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