July 2016
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Follow the beauty
These weeks between the Guru Puja and the festival Culture of the Spirit are such a blessed period of the year! The river of Love is at its utmost and overflowing here, in the Yogiland of Cabella, where one is drenched into the vibrations and the joy. Let us all be fully aware of the great chance we have to live together these exceptional moments of bliss! Rather than being blasé, let us all try to feel and follow the tremendous beauty that our Mother is pouring so generously in our lives!
Culture of the Spirit

30 and 31st of July: two intense days of joy, with music and dance everywhere. We are happy that nearly 100 new comers obtained their Self Realization, as this is one of the main purposes of this event. 
We will only mention a few of the very great musicians present here: Anandita Basu and her deep sufi devotional songs, Rachelle Jeanty on beautiful jazzy rhythms, the bansuri master Shaktidhar, the amazing ghatam (anfora) player Giridhar Udupa, Tanya Wells singing sweet ghazals, the well-known Indialucia group playing flamenco fusion and Indian music and of course the divine sounds of the Divine Symphony Orchestra.
Great and beautiful dancers also: Kinga Malec the Kathak, Valeria Vespaziani the Bharatanatyam, Siddhi Basale the Kuchipudi. Filled with wonder, we watched Shaina's
 spectacular performance of Poi fire and we all danced the Bhangra at the end of the festival! Yes, it is all about the flow, being in the flow, dance within the flow...
Guru Puja

On the 17th of July, over 2 000 yogis and yoginis from the four corners of the world celebrated a majestic Shri Guru Puja in our newly transformed temple (originally called the hangar). Two days later we also enjoyed a beautiful Shri Guru Purnima Puja with less participants but with strong vibrations.
Art Academy
One thing is for sure: every yogi(ni) should at least once in life come to the Art Academy and attend some classes. The enthusiastic and great-hearted members of the theatre company TEV (True Eternal Values) again this year offered us  the opportunity to discover or to develop a new talent.
For nearly two weeks, from the 19th until the 28th of July, we could attend a very wide range of courses: different kinds of music, dance, theatre, painting, knitting, breathing technics, ayurvedic massage, aikido, photography, design and so on and so forth, we definitely don't have enough space here to enumerate them all. It is not only about the content of the classes, the generosity and the competence of the volunteering teachers, but also about the subtle interaction between all those present here. There is such a joy, such richness in the exchanges, such beauty in the spontaneous encounters that you may have! But of course, one should experience it to really understand its value!
Wellness Camp

The Wellness Camp continued during the summer until the Guru puja. Yogi(ni)s from different countries in search of an oasis of peace found here a place where they can fortify themselves so that when they go back to their homelands they can spread this energy of love and benefit to all around them. For many of them it was not the first time they were coming. Nor the last... 
Cabella International Sahaja School

We are delighted to announce you that Cabella International Sahaja School will be reopening for the academic year 2016/2017. Since the administrative issues have been taken care of and Cabella School is now fully compliant with all the necessary norms and regulations of the various government authorities, the board of the World Foundation has decided to reopen CISS. We would like to invite all the parents who are interested in sending their children to Cabella School for this academic year to pre-register here.

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