Jai Shri Mataji


"[…] in reality the heart has to work, not the brain. Because reality is only through the heart, not through the brain. Once you understand this, then you'll open your heart, enlarge it. "Now, this is in my heart." So the whole thing will be so clear cut in your head. You will know everything clearly, what is to be done, how to react, how to work it out. If you put all this knowledge of Sahaja Yoga into your heart, first of all you will have to enlarge your heart, otherwise you can't put this ocean. And then you should do Sahaja Yoga. To Me, everything seems to be Sahaja Yoga ‐ buying this house, coming to this place. All this is Sahaja Yoga. I can see clearly. Anything that I see, I connect it to Sahaja Yoga immediately. "This is Sahaja Yoga. Why is this so? This is because of Sahaja Yoga. This is Sahaja Yoga." So everywhere you start seeing Sahaja Yoga, when your heart knows what your brain knows. I've know people who know all the mantras very well, everything very well and all that. But in the heart. So put it in the heart. In Sahaja Yoga, the guru is not through his brain, but through his heart."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ‐ Guru Puja 1991, Cabella Ligure

25 years ago Shri Mataji addressed us in the first Puja in Cabella. 1991 was a memorable year for Cabella, as our Holy Mother bought Palazzo Doria and since then chose it as one of Her residences.

The Guru Puja we are about to experience together this year melts our deep devotion into the immense joy of a great anniversary. Every exceptional anniversary creates within us a strong desire to please Her infinitely more. What we'd like to offer Her for this Guru Puja is the testimony of a collective working through which to express the joy, creative, divine, subtle power of being One.

We invite from the bottom of our heart all the yogis and yoginis from all over the world to be part of this celebration and worship in Cabella on the weekend of the 17th July. Please refer to the website http://pujas.sahajayoga.it/

 for registration, and information about travel and accommodation arrangements.

We have gone a long way in these past 25 years and so many divine accomplishments have been done by our Mother in Cabella and from Cabella, all over the world. So much though can and is still to be done by us, Her instruments, individually and collectively. Guru puja is the occasion where we, devotees of Shri Adi Shakti meet to worship our Supreme Holy Guru, celebrate Her greatness and take a pledge of introspection, growth, devotion, surrender and total dedication to Her, our Guru Mata.

That is why we also wish to inform all countries and yogis/nis from all over the world about some collective projects that are being started on the occasion of this momentous Guru puja (see the link). These ideas and collective workings -but more might come…- will serve the purpose to celebrate the greatness of our Holy Mother, in a suitable Divine Temple, inviting our brothers and sisters from all over the world in total oneness to Cabella. You will find all the information in the attachment.

We sincerely pray to be able to express our deepest devotion at the Lotus Feet of our Mother and to please Her through our desires, actions and the establishment of a deep oneness with Her and with all the Sahaja family.

We thank You, Divine Mother and Guru, again and again and bow to You. 

With Love,

The Hosting countries (Bulgaria, India, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey)


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