May 2016        
Cabella School ● Wellness Camp ● Sahasrara Puja
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How to describe the beauty of Cabella, this special intensity here which takes us to the realm of a higher dimension of the existence? We can now feel a huge wave of subtle dynamism bursting into so many projects starting to materialize and growing more and more. This newsletter is aimed to share with you, dear sisters and brothers from all over the world, a glimpse of the Cabella paradise. We are so thankful to our Divine Mother for all Her blessings!

Jai Shri Mataji!


After long due diligence activities with the Italian authorities, we have received directional approval to reopen the Cabella International Sahaj School for the 2016/2017 winter session.
We had consultations with the abilitated institutions concerning redundant fire safety systems and improved school procedures and policies. 
It takes the participation of all of us as a collective to succeed in this enterprise. We look to your vibratory support to this important project.

We thank Shri Mataji for this great opportunity and humbly surrender in hope to serve her will and vision.

Jai Shri Mataji


Big work at Nabhi level! Currently plans are being laid to restructure the Castle's kitchen. Also, for Sahasrara puja a kitchen truck was rented as a provisory solution instead of the old mulino, which does not comply to the legal safety requirements. One hosting countries representative suggested that all yogis should feel more concerned about Cabella projects and "give a hand", "get involved". See more about the Cabella Kitchen Project - Annapurna Fund on Facebook.

On the 6th and 7th of May we had wonderful evening programs organized by the countries hosting the puja. The magic sounds of the Divine Symphony Orchestra and the vibrating rhythms of the Abhay Sopori & Sachin Sharma duo truely delighted our hearts.

With great joy we announce you that this year we have no less than 18 weeks of Wellness Camp until September.  Several doctors from India will be present. We have already had the privilege to welcome Dr. Dipali Bandekar, Dr. Madhur Rai and Dr. Sujata Kenjale Tommasi. Some feedback from the participants:
"Great, wonderful, inspiring, growth, vibrations, lots of vibrations, open hearts. I felt I was growing in my spirituality." "Even when I come for three days, it feels as if I have been here for a month."
 "When one comes here he feels HOME, he feels like in paradise, in Mother's house. Everything is perfect even in the imperfections. Her love pervades in every square meter, in everything you touch or look at." 

The national meeting of the new Italian Sahaja yogis took place on May 28 in Cabella, at the hangar : collective meditation, vibratory treatments, questions and answers session, artistical program, video projections, much joy, good food...

On Sunday, the 8th of May, we celebrated the International Sahasrara Puja at the hangar. More than 600 yogis and yoginis from all over the world were present and enjoyed together the blessings of the Paramchaitanya.

On the 5th of May, nearly 200 yogis and yoginis from many different countries gathered at the Castle (Palazzo Doria) to celebrate 46 years since our beloved Mother opened the cosmic Sahasrara in 1970.

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