Dear Sisters and Brothers,


The season of Puja, seminars, Arts Academy, Wellness Camp and much more is going to start very soon in the blessed land of the Val Borbera!


Many yogis from all around the world have already given great ideas to make this 25th anniversary of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Cabella the most auspicious one!


“…so for every Sahaja Yogi it is important  what we call as Shramadaan, means the giving of some labour, and that is what we lack…. you’d clean your house, you’d better clean the outside of your house, try to put some garden around your house”  - Shri Surya Puja  - 10th of January 1988 

Here in Cabella the World Foundation works on behalf of the World Collective to preserve and mantain the heritage of our most beloved Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We received the most generous donation of all the properties that Shri Mataji bought in the past year, the Castle, the Hangar, many buildings and a huge plot of land.

With a desire to bring the family more collective, and to make the Collective feel more this ownership, we would invite the sister and brother from all over the world, to come and offer their shramadaan, as nirmal sevak, as voluteer. 

Shri Mataji has many times spoken about Ajanta and Ellora Cave as an example of devotion to Shri Buddha from his disciples for dedicating their lives, working endlessly without seeing him ever. In today’s era, we can feel the power of the place where Shri Adishakti has lived for twenty years in Her Sakshat form.

We need people willing to volunteer as custodians, caretakers and maintainers of our properties: Castle, Casa Forme, Centrassi, Daglio, Albera, possibly skilled in the following field: 




                       doors and windows craftsman 

                       people willing to help in the daily running of activities


We can offer a spartan life in Ashram, we have few places in the Castle but many more in Centrassi. 

The daily life will be collective meditation at 7:00 in the morning, breakfast, few hours of work, lunch, little siesta, few hours in the afternoon, time to work on ourselves (footsoak time), dinner and collective video of Mother or Bhajans before sleep.

More information here.

Sahaja Krishi

“Try to enjoy things which will give you real enjoyment. For example flowers, nature, garden. Instead of destroying this nature, try to build  it up, try to see how you can make it a beautiful garden, or a beautiful place. 

Every time I am here I am thinking what should I do with this land here which is very barren, how can I change it.

 All the time there is thought about how to make it beautiful, and in that, if there is innocence, no greed, there is no competition, there is no attachment, but just to enjoy the beauty of your own creation, to see how things are.

Shri Ganesha Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 7 September 1997

We have the blessing of having a big piece of land in Cabella on which we desire to start a Sahaj agricultural project. We have already some ideas, but we would involve more the hidden energy of the Collective.


So, all those that would come in Cabella and help in the new Sahaj Krishi, please send your availability to come and work with us. 

We possibly need yogis with skill in:

                       landscape design

                       water manegement




                       renowable energy manegement

Please send to in the Foundation Office applications and CV.

Ananda mela

In 1992, Shri Mataji bought a beautiful house in Daglio. The house was visited by Her  several times during her visits. She named this place as ‘Ananda Mela’ - the place where people gather in joy! 

In the lap of Mother Nature, the house is sorrounded by beautiful mountains which reminds one of Shri Himalaya. Every Yogi who visits that house enjoys the special vibrations and the silence of the place in his heart.  From past 20 years, we are organising an international Children Camp once a year which brings life and joy to the silent mountain.

Earlier Shri Mataji had personally asked some people to live there. 

For this reason we are looking for some married couple who are willing to live there for at least 9 months, as custodians to look after and maintain the property and the land around. They should be of a special character, happy to live in a rustic wild and silent place, although it is only twenty minutes drive from Cabella. It will be beneficial if someone with skills and passions like for maintainance, gardening and forestry can apply.

Please send to in the Foundation Office applications and CV.

To have some custodians living in Daglio house will allow the many Yogis who desire to visit there as in a retreat to regenerate from the loud stressful life, in a spartan style. This will be possible right away as soon as we will find the right people.


Annapurna project

Many sister from many Countries expressed their desire to have a dignified and beautiful kitchen in the Mulino area. They feel that if, as a collective, we are able to express our respect and care for the collective Housewife/Gruha Lakshmi, by having a proper place for cooking, many things could also improve at the Nabhi level.

For this reason they started a fund rise and many activities in the respective Countries and in Cabella, in the meanwhile we collect the money we should design a beautiful project, as much collective as possible, then we will need time to get all the permission to build.

The first step in this project is for the Architects, Designers, Cook and Kitchen Manager to develop a kitchen design and gather around ideas to cater to the needs of our collectivites for mass cooking. 

The second step is if we could build it ourselves so we need skilled builders to work here in Cabella a particular time period. 


Interested people please send to in the Foundation Office applications and CV.

You can be updated on the project here 

Centrassi Yuva Shakti Ashram

We would give our full support to our great Yuva Shakti, especially regarding the next organization of the Ganesha Puja, offering them a Headquarter in Cabella, in the House of Centrassi.

The Yuvas that want to come during the summer to stay in Cabella can live in collective rooms, and eat with our volunteers. 

Ashram Sahaj life is guarantee, and they can enjoy their stay planning their activities, studying or also helping where they feel. We will give them a special price to stay with us. They can stay for short or long period, also for weekend. 

Please contact

Hosting Pujas

“Prepare yourself. We can even have some sort of seminars, or classes, where we can discuss about these things. In the pujas you can have some sort of a morning time is always free, some sort of a seminar, or a discussion or they call a ‘brain trust’, or whatever it is. And there you can discuss things, how we can proceed, what we can do.( Shri Ganesha Puja. Cabella (Italy), 30 August 1992.)

We would invite the Hosting Countries to go back to the instructions Shri Mataji gave them in the past, also taking this beautiful occasion to be together in so many from all over the world, organizing seminars or open forum from friday afternoon on regard the spreading of SY in the World or any othe Sahaj matter. We will happily offer all our fcilities and equipments for this porpose.

We would also invite our sister and brother to really take in their hands the organization in a beautiful self organized management, a unique experience where Cabella became an universal place.

We really would make the Cabella experience an everlasting, overwelming and transforming experience for everyone who come here to attend programs and obtain maximum benefit from these unique and precious places that Shri Mataji left for our evolution.


With all our love, the Cabella Family



Jai Shri Mataji

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