Dear brothers and sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji

as Shri Mataji told us several times, we live in a time when the opposing forces of good and evil are manifesting at their maximum power. While the escalation of violence and confusion seems to continue to grow, on the other hand we are witnessing an unprecedented openness and receptivity to vibrations and our Mother's message.

The terrorist attack in Brussels was the latest in a long series of constant threats to peace and freedom. We, as children of Shri Mataji and connected to Her Power of Love, can and must instead work for establishing peace and freedom in human beings.

As a next step to the collective subtle work around Easter time, Yogis and yoginis from Belgium & several countries, international Yuva Shakti and yogis representing three public organizations (Coolcheck, Meditate to regenerate & Inner Peace) came together with the desire to unite the Sahaj world in the embrace of our Mother through an unprecedented initiative: bring Sahaja meditation into many schools in Brussels, as a peaceful response to the attacks, involving all the world's media and the European Union, with a slogan: "Je suis la Paix", "I am Peace", which can be expressed in all national languages.

This will show that the world embraces, supports and cares for all nations under attack through a peaceful, collective & loving approach.


Leveraging on the success that Inner Peace is having around the world, we proposed this project to the European Parliament: a Day of Inner Peace dedicated to the city of Brussels, the first peaceful response to the bombings coming from the Belgian capital and from Europe and the whole world. There has been a strong interest and they have requested more information in order to decide whether to go ahead from the institutional standpoint.

We can thus counter the culture of panic and fear through that of Forgiveness, Integration and Peace. A city that is the symbol and the seat of the European Union, could with every right become through this initiative the Capital of Meditation. While the bombs and attacks have spread feelings of fear, violence and terror, we can offer an alternative, bringing together many students in a message of love, making it one of the biggest integration projects that has ever involved the schools in Brussels.

We will ask all the schools around the whole world that have already joined the Inner Peace

project in the past to put their attention on the same day on Brussels, conveying a torrential rain of vibrations to the same.

At the end of the meditation, each school will project their love to Brussels, not only through the collective power of attention: we will also be collecting poems, drawings, thoughts from every student from around the world, dedicated to their Belgian peers. All of these will be brought in person to the students in Brussels: everyone will receive the gift of a child from another country, as he has experienced the beauty of inner peace.

To reach a wider audience as much as possible, it was necessary of course to choose a communication that is universal, secular, horizontal, understood by all, and that has no religious connotation.

It was therefore decided to propose the beautiful guided meditation on the Eiffel Tower built by our French brothers & sisters, that you can review at the following link:

This meditation, not only meets the requirements above (simple and universal language), but represents the link to Paris, as it took place also just a few days after a similar tragic attack there, and communicates credibility and potentially stronger engagement, as the Eiffel Tour event was already promoted by the UN and the French government.


Through the energy of the Kundalini we want to spread the Love of Our Mother to every corner of the city: from schools to offices, from private homes to the highest buildings of the institutions.

In an event such as this, in solidarity with the Brussels schools that are already accepting the initiative, meditation can also be spread worldwide through the mainstream media, such as radio and television.

In this way Sahaja Yoga and the name of Our Mother will become more and more an international symbol that carries a noble message: sending vibrations of peace and spirituality to a city that has suffered a very serious act of violence.

From the institutional point of view, our initiative could also represent an opportunity offered to the authorities, so that they can show that European democracy is united and does not stand still, but responds to the attacks with a concrete experience of peace.

In addition, we now have the experience and prestige to introduce ourselves as reliable partners. Two weeks ago, for example, Inner Peace was the subject of an historic event in Italy: the first live broadcast of the Italian television history from a maximum security prison, viewed on the first national channel by more than 3 million people, where we talked openly, and in a very positive way, of Sahaja Yoga and Shri Mataji. Here's the video:


The official authorities feel undoubtedly the need at this time to provide a message of unity and courage. Through meditation we can make the ideal of a United Europe real, and, beyond, a United World.


The chosen date is May 23, on a Monday, exactly two months after the attack. Rebuilding peace and overcoming the pain and the sad memories.

We are contacting many schools in the Belgian capital, as well as various associations and authorities, to spread meditation in any way possible.

We have also started the preparation for a massive engagement campaign on all media and social networks available, to give this event a global nature, which can involve all people who identify with the message: I AM PEACE, JE SUIS LA PAIX... violence is defeated by peace.

We invite all the Sahaja yogis to come to Brussels from Saturday, May 21. This way we can be in Brussels for three days, splitting the program in three stages.

Saturday, May 21st

We will meet to meditate together and develop the required gravity to support such event. We will also have a training meeting on how to hold programs in schools for the Sahaja Yogis who want to support but maybe haven't had the chance.

We will have to introduce meditation with a non-denominational language, without any religious inclination. Sahaja Yogis who can lead meditation in English, French and German are welcome.

Sunday, May 22nd

We are currently working to involve the institutions and organize meditation events in famous landmarks. We would like to arrange an event with some important institution in order to make the most of the presence of the yogis in the Belgian capital. We already have contacts with the European Parliament and the Mayor.

Monday, May 23rd

This will be the actual Inner Peace Day in Brussels, in which we will go not only in schools but wherever it is possible to spread meditation.

We are aiming to involve radios and TVs so that we can create a simultaneous connection, in which the whole world can share unique moments of pure beauty, thousands of people immersed in a silence that envelops humanity, making them aware of a new unstoppable breath of love.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters:



We have created four teams in order to manage the event. We are just at the start of the preparations so if yogis and yoginis from your country would like to actively participate please coordinate at national level the participation, ideally through some people who can be responsible in-country.

Belgian collective

Being the hosts, they will take care of the contacts with schools and institutions on site. They will manage also the logistics for Sahaja Yogis who will participate (housing and community events).

Contact: TBD (a logistic contact will be communicated later on)

Yuva Shakti International

They will take care of the dissemination and translation of the meditation on the Eiffel Tower in different languages: on that day all the schools participating around the world to this Inner Peace project will be invited to follow the same meditation in their own language, dedicated to Brussels. They will also take care of the training programs for yogis on Saturday May 21st.

Contact for the yuvas: Malik Metouri

Inner Peace Team

The team will be a point of contact for the collectives around the world who are willing and can participate to the initiatives through their existing contacts in the schools that have done Inner Peace projects in the past. We will provide information on where to send the gifts and letters from all over the world in order to distribute them to the students in Belgium.

Contact: Laura -

Communications Team

The team will coordinate the communications activities on which it needs the following support from yogis and yoginis:

- We are creating videos that may also involve non-yogis, through the slogan: "I am Peace", "Je suis la Paix". On the occasion of the Inner Peace Day in Brussels we invite all Sahaja Yogis to record a short video, even with their cell phone, in which you can say the sentence "I am Peace" in your own language or english or french. We will soon provide details about where to send the


- We also aim to create a viral campaign to involve all the people we know. Everyone can name three people who will answer their call (as in the famous Ice Bucket Challenge), so the campaign may be widespread in all layers of society. By sharing on social networks you can quickly reach a significant number of participants, possibly even famous people (that's what happened for the Olympic Stadium program in Rome, where two very well known soccer players Francesco Totti and Keita Balde joined the initiative Meditate Rome: video

- In addition, we invite each collective to contact the Embassy of your country in Brussels, asking to formally join the event.


We aim thus to have a strong public and social support, the endorsement of celebrities and the support of the institutions. This is one of the keys to engage media on the project. This is what happened with the Inner Peace project in Italy and many other countries: presenting SY in a secular and acceptable way to all, leading back to Shri Mataji as the founder of Sahaja Yoga. In this way, the name of Our Mother will become connected, in the public opinion, to the universal ideals of Peace and Solidarity.

We are just at the start of the process so very soon we will have more materials to share. Contact: Adriano -


As we have already said, the coordinated and collective contribution of all the Sahaja Yogis is crucial: please do not take individual initiatives and join the teams with your support and local contributions & ideas, in order to align with the project objectives and follow the guidelines, as there are safety reasons involved too e.g. we will not be able to organize flash-mobs or demonstrations in the streets for such reasons.

We kindly also ask you to please avoid using the Inner Peace or Meditate to Regenerate materials outside of their intended use. The projects have been purposely presented in a way which is only lightly connected to the more deeply spiritual subjects we touch through Sahaja Yoga courses, in order to be able to reach a broader audience and plant the seed of awakening and spiritual blossoming in a more secular way and the difference between the two should be clear to the public.

Please also try and coordinate actions if possible at country level, so that we can channel the energy of the sahaj collectives in the best way. Further information will follow and will be provided through country coordinators and councils for a better coordinated planning.

If we move all as One Body, the goal will be within our reach. Everyone can collaborate as they see fit and as you can imagine there is a lot of work to do. We are convinced that this event can really be a great and prestigious chance for spreading Sahaja Yoga and the Glory of Our Mother.

We humbly pray our Holy Mother that we may be Her pure instruments in establishing the Peace within human beings and in awakening the consciences to this evolutionary step for humanity through Her Divine Love.

May Her will be done!
With love,
The "Inner Peace Day in Brussels" global Sahaj team

Jai Shri Mataji! 

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