Dearest brothers and sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji

First of all, may Mother bless you all with a wonderful new year at Her Lotus Feet!

The year 2016 marks the 25th year of Shri Mataji’s presence in Cabella and we will be definitely celebrating it as one of the wonderful chapters of the history of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Adi Shakti, on Earth.

There is such a deep sense of gratitude that grows and blossoms from our hearts giving fragrance to please our Mother in thanks for all that She has given us, Her Divine Message, blessings, guidance, presence, love and compassion.

We have been helped in our growth as individuals, as collectives and as One collective being. We have been able to carry forward Her Vision, even through our limited understanding and views of reality. We have gone through joyful times and also difficult ones, always with the recognition and faith that She is the Doer and we should be, as much as possible, Her clean and pure instruments, like empty flutes, playing Her song of victory.

Last year, 2015, was certainly a year of learning. She has challenged us to grow in the quality of our actions, the surrender to Her plan, the dedication to Her vision. She has blessed us so much through one of the most difficult times of this story, and has revealed how even in the worst weather, the Divine tree can sometimes bear the sweetest fruits.

After last March’s irruption at the School, we can now officially declare not only that all families have been exonerated of all charges, but also that the authorities have acknowledged the value that Sahaja Yoga education has in developing physically, mentally & emotionally (and we know, spiritually) healthy children who can be the future pillars of our society. 

During the New Year holiday, many of the families who went through these difficult times reunited in a beautiful seminar in Cabella, full of such intense love and joy, and after long and deep meditations with both parents and children, they all expressed their desire that the School should reopen and views of how should become in the next years, which we all vow to do our very best to achieve.

In order to reopen Shri Mataji’s School in Cabella, still much work needs to be done on the bureaucratic side to understand the best way to evolve, and also on the practical side to make sure that the design and quality of the structures responds to such evolving legal obligations. We have asked the same authorities to help us find the way to grow, maintaining and developing the Sahaj identity that Shri Mataji taught us.

The inspection of the Castle by the authorities in charge of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Belle Arti) has made us aware of the need to plan any further action, not only in line with Mother’s indications and collective attention and desire, but also together with the authorities, who will be able to provide additional guidance to preserve Palazzo Doria as the Divine Palace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, part of the legacy of our Divine Mother to the World. A team of sahaj architects are now working on this project with the authorities.

And even though we did not hold Sahasrara puja in the Borbera valley, in 2015 the same number of yogis came to Cabella to worship the Adi Shakti as last year. We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all the yogis and yoginis who have supported us with their presence, attention, donations, constructive feedback, suggestions that we are putting into action so that we may improve the whole area and be able to host everyone in a much better way, and in greater numbers too.

As requested by many, we have developed a winter/spring plan of activities, seminars, workshops, and pujas to be able to give an opportunity to any yogi to be immersed in the vibrations of Our Divine Mother’s presence, which can be felt so strongly in and around Cabella at all times of the year.

Again we would like to thank all the yogis who have kept faith and supported the World Foundation, especially the families who went through such a difficult year. We thank all the countries and individuals who, through their donations have indirectly supported those families and have allowed us to perform so many important planned and unplanned projects.

We sincerely thank you all for what you did last year and for the attention and support that you will be able to provide this year too to improve the sahaj properties in Cabella and the World Centre which is one of the living testimonies of Mother’s earthly life.

Above all, we thank you Mother, from the deepest recesses of our heart. No thought or action on our side will ever be enough to repay what You have done for us. We have the greatest desire to integrate our Oneness with Your will, Your Divine vision and fulfill Your desire for a new humanity, which can celebrate the glory of God, through our devotion, dedication, words, deeds, society & children and we promise we will do our best to achieve that, with all You have given us and with the best standards of quality, both human and Divine. Please forgive us for our mistakes as we are still children. Allow us to learn and grow through them and be able to reflect more and more your qualities, pure detached love, infinite compassion and enlightened understanding and knowledge.

May we be able to join together as One and offer You more and more enlightened action, devotion and surrendered union and transform the entire year ahead into a bouquet of beautiful flowers at Your Lotus Feet.

Mother, we love you infinitely. Thank you again and again.

Your children from the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation and all over the world.

Jai Shri Mataji

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