Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!

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We are pleased to inform you that the year 2015 was blessed for all of us as hundreds of Sahaja Yogis from all around the world visited the holy land of the Borbera Valley and were accommodated in the premises of Cabella World Center


Our facilities were enjoyed by thousands of Yogis and Yoginis coming from all over the world during events like four international Pujas including Wedding Celebrations, as well as local Pujas, ten weeks of Wellness Camp, two weeks of Nirmala Arts Accademy, the Culture of the Spirit Festival, preparation for EXPO, two weeks of Daglio Children Camp, hosting of the Yuva Expo Tour, and last but not the least the wonderful celebration of Nine Nights of Navaratri


These events have been held at the places vibrated by our beloved Mother in Her physical form. 

When a Sahaja Yogi returns back from Cabella, he reaches his home fully drenched in this divine vibrations that helps him in carrying on Mother’s work in a more energetic way.
As we know, the Cabella World Center was created by Shri Mataji in the Borbera Valley and every year Sahaja Yogis from different countries gather together to experience unlimited pure joy and ocean of collective love. 


Last summer was special for all of us for many reasons in a big way! 


From the considerable feedbacks that we have received this year from Yogis who attended these events and activities, we have learnt that each one of them had a great experience of a unique inner transformation and regeneration, and an ability to recharge the inner self and to restore the joy of the spirit. 
With this great enthusiasm, we gladly announce that the events and activities of 2015 are not ending with the summer season as before, but we are going to continue this beautiful journey ahead in the autumn and winter as well. 


We wholeheartedly invite all our Sahaja Family to visit Cabella and take part in these events dedicated to you. 


We have tried to design them in order to involve specific segments of people. 

For example - the newcomers who have the need to establish themselves better in meditation; Camp for the Shaktis, Family Wellness Campin which the children, (especially from the Cabella School) along with their parents can take part together; Wellness Camp for established Yogis; and moreover the Nirmal Arts Academy “ Winter Edition”  organised by the Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) for all those Yogis who wants to learn a wide range of art forms from masters and trained performers in Indian classical music, flamenco, jazz, pop and soul music, Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Kuchipudi as well as Fusion dance, Visual arts and crafts, theatre, communication and Public speaking.




Calendar of Activities
October 30th, 31st & November 1st, (Friday to Sunday)
Seminar for Newcomers - ‘Stay in Heaven’. (Please find attached the detailed Program)
November 20th to 27th (1 Week, Friday to Friday)
‘Keep the lights on’ Wellness Camp for all Yogis
November 27th to 29th (Friday to Sunday)
Indian Classical Music Courses organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)
December 5th  to 12th (Sunday to Sunday)
Shakti Wellness Camp for Sahaja Yoginis to deepen of their Lakshmi  principle
December  17th to 19th (Thursday to Sunday)
Flamenco Music organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)
December 27th to January 3rd 2016 (Sunday to Sunday)
‘Family Children Camp’  organized by the Cabella School Staff

Welcome to 2016! New Year celebration!
Here are some of the events we have in store for you and we soon announce others.

January 15th to 17th (Friday to Sunday)
Jazz, Pop and Soul Music organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)
February 5th to 7th (Friday to Sunday)
Visual arts and Crafts organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)
March 25th to 27th (Friday to Sunday)
Theatre and Felderkrais organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)
April 8th to 10th (Friday to Sunday)
Communication and Public Speaking organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)

As you have noticed the ‘Stay in Heaven’ Seminar is nearing. 

This Seminar is  specially designed to help and guide the newcomers on personal basis so that they are provided essential handholding in order to tell them about Shri Mataji.  


Post our observation and feedback from this particular Seminar, we shall propose it to various collectivities (perhaps single country or some regions).  

Those who are interested may contact us at

Since this news comes a bit late, we request respective Coordinators and Leaders to circulate this information in their respective collectivities at the earliest.


Note: For further information, kindly  visit the following websites:


Please enjoy these videos…



With love,

Cabella World Centre Staff and Theatre of Eternal Values.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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