9 Nights of Navaratri at Cabella Wellness

All established Sahaja Yogis are heartily invited to participate in a seminar of ten nights either side of Navaratri puja from 12th to 22nd October on this most auspicious occasion at theWellness in Cabella.

We humbly ask the Devi with a thousand arms and weapons to eliminate all our negativity, protect us and make us stronger so that we may become pure instruments of the Divine.

Together, let us invite Our Beloved Mother into our hearts so we feel this reverence during the nine nights of Navaratri, cleansing our chakras individually during the day and celebrating collectively every evening in this location full of vibrations.




This is a unique opportunity to dedicate quality time to your Self; focus on cleansing your subtle system and deepening your meditative state while being lovingly looked after by dedicated brothers and sisters. Your experience will start with an introductory consultation with a sahaj expert in which you will receive personalised advice regarding your vibratory condition and guidance on how best to clear yourself. Then you will be personally attended to by vibrationally sensitive Sahaja Yogis of depth and experience.

New item: This seminar will also include sessions of “music therapy”!


Meditation & Clearing Out

A team of ‘vibrational assistants’ will be led by qualified experts who have already built up considerable experience working in Cabella Wellness and other sahaj health centres.

Cabella Wellness is recommended for established Sahaja Yogis seeking to improve the quality of meditation and reach deeper spiritual levels. The Wellness Camp is not a substitute for a treatment to cure any form of medical condition.


Board & Lodging

Please be informed that there is a limited number of places. The Wellness Camp will be hosted in the Casa Forme Villa, located in the beautiful natural setting of the Cabella countryside with spectacular views across the Val Borbera and the divine vibrations from this sacred site chosen by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Guests will be accommodated in comfortable, airy dormitories; single beds with bed linen, a blanket and a towel. All meals will be provided and served according to a fixed menu.


How to reach Cabella Wellness

The Casa Forme Villa is very close to the temple (hangar) where the pujas are held in Cabella.IMG_0056


Localita’ Casa Forme, 2, Postal Code: 15060, Cabella Ligure (AL), (0039) 0143 919805



By plane: The nearest airports are GENOVA & MILANO (Malpensa, Linate, or Bergamo)



By car: Take the motorway MILANO – GENOVA and exit at Arquata Scrivia. From the exit, turn right towards Cabella Ligure.



By train*: From MILANO or GENOVA, take the train to Arquata Scrivia. There are buses to Cabella from the train station. If there is no suitable connection we will come and pick you up.

*Download the train timetable for Milano Centrale to Arquata and from Genova to Arquata from the Downloads page.


 Google Maps Link to Casaforme

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 18.57.09







GPS COORDINATES: 44.680416, 9.089456


Dates and Cost of Stay

Guests are invited to check in to the Wellness for dinner on Monday 12th (18.30).

The seminar includes ten nights either side of Navaratri puja from the evening of Monday 12th October to lunchtime of Thursday 22nd October 2015. Guests are advised to enrol for the entire period.

The cost of the stay at Cabella Wellness is € 500 for the 10 days from 12th to 22nd October 2015. The participants may stay in Casa Forme during the Navaratri puja weekend, on the understanding that the cost of the puja and meals are not included in the price of the Wellness.

The service for Cabella Wellness includes:




Application & References

If you would like to book a place at Cabella Wellness, please complete the on-line ‘Application Form’. To apply you must be a practicing Sahaja Yogi and over 18 years old.

If you are coming for the first time, you must ask your national coordinator to send us a reference by email to (just a note approving your application; not a long letter.) Once we receive the reference letter we will write to you by email confirming whether or not your application has been successful. 

Jai Shri Mataji


For further information, please check the flyer below:

Wellness Camp Navaratri 2015 flyer

The place can be booked at Cabella Wellness by completing the on-line ‘Application Form’ at the following website:

Click on Navaratri Wellness 2015 for more info about the camp.


Address: Localita’ Casa Forme, 2
15060, Cabella Ligure (AL)

GPS COORDINATES: 44.680416, 9.089456
Google Maps Link to the location:…/@4…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0…


The Casa Forme Villa is very close to the temple (hangar) where the pujas are held in Cabella.

For any questions we can be reached by email or over the phone:, (0039) 0143 919805.


Jai Shri Mataji!


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