Dearest brothers and sisters,
We are writing to update you on the latest developments of the Inner Peace Day project, with a few ideas on management and diffusion.
Positive signs
We are receiving emails almost every day announcing new events related to the project, from 
all over the world. We have already had significant confirmations from Germany, India, China 
and Africa. In addition to the impact from these nations on the numbers of participants to the event, some of these countries will be presenting the Inner Peace Day in their most prestigious universities.
Italy has already organized a slot with a national news channel, plus it has received a lot interest from various other television and radio programs.
International website
Our new site for the event is now on-line: 
The site can be read in various languages.
From the site you can download, if you click HERE,  the brochures at present in several languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish,  German, Portuguese, Croatian, Bulgarian etc.) , with many more languages eminent (as Chinese e and Turkish, ready in a few days) .
For English and French brochures, we can actually send them by post. 
For information please write to: 
Anyone wishing to translate the site into their own language please contact Laura at the following email: 
By the Grace of Our Mother, last year’s organized in a very short time, was a huge success. 
This was partly due to the visibility given by the national media.
50,000 students took part in almost 40 countries.
If every one of us could present this project to at least one school, we would have the possibility of giving mass Realization on a global level!
Anyone who has already contacted a school or who are organizing any type of event for the 
Inner Peace Day, please contact us as we would appreciate detailed information about it.
Above all, we kindly ask you to send us:
-  pictures of the events in the schools etc., preferably high quality (be careful to obtain parental permission where necessary). It is important that they are high quality because we want to create a document to be officially  presented to the local Institutions
- testimonies by the students; this is very important and it has a strong effect on the media. We want to make a book with all the testimonies all over the world. It would be ideal to gather the original documents. Each country can decide their own formula; In Italy we have proposed to many heads of schools/Institutions to let the students write an essay on the importance of the Inner Peace Day Experience.
All this information will be needed for a full press release of all the events, to world media! 
With best wishes for a year full of joy, depth, and love for our Mother
The Inner Peace Day World Team

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