Dear Sahaj Family
Our collective and wonderful 2014 Cabella season started in May at Sahasara Puja and closed this month with a powerful Navaratri Puja. We are happy to report that during this time 5704 yogis attended pujas being 1200 more than in 2013. 
Shri Mataji's presence was felt by us through out especially with tremendous Vibrations at the six international Pujas.
With the gradual introduction of "Open Heart" donations at International Puja Events, we have witnessed an even greater manifestation of Shri Mahalaxshmi's blessings! Each of us is enabled to feel from our own enlightened Heart and Nahbi what contribution we can make to our Holy Mother’s collective projects.
During the summer we showed this presentation about Cabella as a Sahaj Community, please enjoy it. 
Thanks to TEV, ‎for two weeks after Guru Puja we enjoyed the wonderful Nirmal Arts Academy where more than 50 teachers from all over the world gave 47 different classes‎ which were attended by around 300 yogis.
The Academy ended with the 6th edition of the Culture of the Spirit Festival, a two day ‎event open to the public. Presented on three stages more than 30 concerts, conferences and events were enjoyed by over 1000 people the majority of whom were public visitors.

For five weeks there was a great Wellness Camp  giving many yogis the chance to go deeper, ‎cleansing their inner system aided by our wonderful Sahaj medical staff.
In  Daglio about one hundred of our children enjoyed the beauty and vibrations of our wonderful mountain property "Ananda Mela"where three camps were held for girls; for boys and for yuva shakti.
A beautiful Festival was held between Krisna and Ganesha Pujas, where hundred of yogis stayed in the Nirmal Nagar in Albera enjoying collective life, meditations, workshops. 
A great collective moment was promoted by the Central Committee, the Sahaj Open Forum with an inspiring focus: “becoming the Self, becoming the Collective Being”  The final Report with all the discussions can be downloaded  at this link
At the Ganesha Puja, we had the most auspicious ceremony of Sahaj weddings.
We would love to hear feedback from all of you who attended,  either on  this form: or post it on our FB pages:
Looking forward to having more and more brothers and sisters next year,
Lots of love from your family in Cabella.
Jai Shri Mataji

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