A Prayer
Pure is your Name, 
Pure is your Love, Pure is your Sahaja Yoga,
Pure is your Meditation, Pure is your Form,
Pure is your Forgiveness, Pure is your Joy,
Pure is your Holy Presence, Pure is your Legacy, 
Pure is your Knowledge, Pure is your Awareness,
Pure is your Glory, Pure is your Worship,
Pure are your Elements, Pure is your Nature, 
Pure is your Shakti, Pure is your Attention,
Pure is your Abundance, Pure is your Life,
Pure are your Words, Pure is your Chaitanya, 
Pure are your Teachings, Pure are your Mantra,
Pure is your Being, Pure is your Creation,
Pure is your Sustenance, Pure is your Nourishment,
Pure is your Correction, Pure are your Blessings,
Pure is your Vishwa Nirmala Dharma,
Pure is the blissful state You endow.  
Pure is your Eternal Existence amongst us.
Birthday Puja 2020
The Shri Mataji World Foundation will open online the Apartment in Cabella for the meditation of the Sahaja Yogis of the World. 
Watch on Livestream every Saturday from 2:30 pm Cabella time. This special Saturday we will broadcast Puja and Prayers.
Please note this is one common time. Calculate your local time as per your timezone.
Cabella Livestream
Nirmal Dham
We may be having music cum cake offering ceremony from around 9 pm on the 20 of March from the Shrine.
Please follow the link below:
Nirmal Dham Live
News from Cabella International Sahaja School
The best and extraordinary idealistic children should come out of this school after education. This doesn’t mean that they will become very rich and very dominating personality. But they will be such that they will become foundations of this world like Shri Ganesha is foundation of this universe. In the same way we have to build many such foundations.
Shri Mataji, Delhi, 15 December 1983
Like all schools in this part of the world, Cabella International Sahaja School has had to close down and send their students home. By Mother’s grace, everything has worked out in a smooth way. We concluded the winter term early, with a farewell party and a beautiful Puja. When the children offered their prayers, they had much to thank for, and prayed that the school may be reopened again soon.
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Cabella International Sahaja School is looking for a School Principal, to start from September 2020
The School Principal serves as the educational leader, responsible for fostering an environment where the highest possible standards are promoted in terms of academic development together with Sahaja Yoga culture; and where professional and caring support is offered to students and staff in all aspects of their growth.
The School Principal must be:
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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja World Foundation
Via Martiri della Libertà 11, 15060 Cabella Ligure (AL) Italy
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