Navaratri puja. Weggis (Switzerland), 19 October 1985. Today is a great day of Navaratri, we are sitting on the cusp of the sixth and the seventh. Sixth and the seventh is the day when Mahasaraswati finished Her work and the incarnation of the shakti itself started. So twelve o’clock today the Devi takes the shakti upon Herself. Of course as you know that Mahakali and Mahasaraswati both are the powers of Shri Sadashiva. Adishakti first formed Herself into Mahakali, which is the power of desire. But all these powers are nothing but the power of God’s love. So in the series of this great love of God, Adishakti had to first become the power of desire. In the same way, Sahaja Yogis who are bestowed with this power of love have to have full desire in their heart, desire to love.