Diwali Puja. Montecatini Terme (Italy), 29 October 1989. Yesterday was such a nice time we had together, and we really enjoyed Diwali, I think. I’ve never seen such a joyous ocean, absolutely going in a tempest. We have achieved the purpose of Diwali Puja, I think, only yesterday: it’s to feel the joy of God’s love. But diwali word is from deepa wali means the rose of lights. It was celebrated firstly because thousands of years back Shri Rama was crowned on this day. That means the benevolence of human beings was crowned, was accepted. And in Shri Rama’s life you see an ideal personality being shown to be a king, to be the benevolent king as described by Socrates. So this was a great joyous thing that a benevolent king was crowned. That means we have to have a king who is benevolent. That’s only possible if the people who choose the king have no other consideration but that of benevolence of all the people. So one has to come to the conclusion that they have to be Sahaja yogis, because other think that, “How much money we’ll get out of this power that we’ll have.” Some think, “How much power-oriented we could be.” Some think, “How many countries I can win,” or any other domination. So we’ve got two types of theories: as we see, is one is communism and another is democracy, where one is power-oriented, the another is money-oriented, and in both the cases we say that it’s all failed. And it’s a good news for all of you to know that Russia which was a country known to be run in complete fear has turned out to be the best for Sahaja Yoga.