Christmas puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, Londra (UK), 25 December 1981. [TAPE BEGINS WITH CHRISTMAS CAROLS SUNG BY THE YOGIS] I wanted to be with you people in a Christmas day, but it never happened before. It has so chanced that I have to be here with you today and on the New Year. Something good has to happen I hope next year, some good luck has to come. Christ’s work was very unique. [THE WHOLE THING or WORKING?] was a very unique thing, was planned in such a manner. [SOUND LIKE BECAUSE?] He was to be born in a place, it was very humble, very humble place. Because He came to teach us humility. The word ‘teaching’ in English language means telling about it, talking about it. But when I say ‘teach’ I mean create, you activate [THINGS or WITH HUMAN LIFE or HUMILITY?] Actually He came, on this earth first of all, to create a space within us, at the Agnya chakra, by removing the hurdles of the ego, hurdles of the ego. He had to talk of humility that time, because Roman’s were ruling and they were very arrogant, very crude, uncouth, underdeveloped, we should say not at all evolved. Like, you can say some of the animals, which came, into being and were thrown out of the evolutionary process later on because they were useless, too aggressive or too big for their size or some sort of a thing like that. In the same way Roman’s were.