Dearest Sahaja Yoga Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!


Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talks about Shri Vishnumaya:

“So the relationship between brother and sister is much more important than any other relationship because it’s so pure, it’s so protective, it’s so loving and also it is of an equal age.
For example, between the parents and the children, cannot be that or say, between the grandparents and the children can be quite imbalanced also. But between the brother and sister, they’re of the same age group, same understanding and this relationship is maintained by this Vishnumaya” (20/9/1992).

The hosting countries of the Shri Vishnumaya puja, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, South America and Ukraine are delighted to invite the Sahaja family to join the celebration and the devotion for Param Puja Shri Mataji in the weekend from 30th August to 1st September 2019 in Cabella Ligure, Italy.

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Immediately after the puja, on monday september 2nd, the World Festival week will start, offering a various number of activities to all those staying until the Shri Ganesha puja. There will be wellness workshops, seminars, presentations, collective shoe beating and foot soaking sessions and of course multiple evening programmes! 

This great World Festival week will flow into the Shri Ganesha puja Saturday September 7th, and the Sahaja Marriages Ceremonies on Sunday the 8 of September. With much joy and love, our global Yuva Shaktis and brothers and sisters of Italy, New Zealand, Australia, India, UAE, Oman, Asian Countries and Russia will join their efforts to host these events.

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Please take note that you will have to pre-register for each of these pujas as well as for the World Festival if you wish to attend one or more of these events.

To facilitate our collective catering arrangements and to organize transport, please help us by pre-register as soon as possible via the following links: