Castle Restoration

Dear brothers and sisters, we feel immense gratitude to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for the priceless gift that is Palazzo Doria, the Castle She personally chose, supervised the restoration of and lived in as one of Her primary residences from 1991 onward.
We have been and remain truly blessed and honoured to have inherited this gem. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we conserve and maintain this sublime Palace, Her Divine abode, in the form that She wished it to be kept. Her apartments are as She left them, still imbibed with Her Divine Vibrations and Presence.

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Puja Calendar 2021

The calendar is the result of consultations between Hosting Countries, the Central Committee and the World Foundation.See More

Newsletter: Happy Birthday Shri Mataji

Salutations Parampujaniya Shri Mataji. Today we rejoice and offer our heartfelt gratitude to Thee. For the immense source of inspiration, knowledge, meditation and awareness.
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Art Academy 2021

You can find more information about the Nirmal Arts Academy courses, teachers, schedule and how to register to the link below: See More