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Cabella Experience

The Cabella Experience

Any Cabella properties belonged to H.H. Shri Mataji, She donated them to the institution that carry Her Holy name to be preserved and maintained, to allow every SY and every human being to benefit from the countless blessings that can be achieved here. In a spiritual way everything here still belong to Her. What we count in this Holy Land is how many blessing we get. We all come and stay here for this and for to enhance our spiritual evolution. We can live the Cabella experience in different ways, we could decide to be here for a short visit, for a longer stay, for a seminar, as a guest, or as a lifestyle choice being short or long term volunteer or a worker. In any of these case we should have the same attitude.

Here we all should always keep the attention on the level of our own vibrations and behave as stabilized SYs, knowing and respecting all Sahaja Maryadas and Protocols. Everything here has to be considerate as a Mother's gift, both spiritually than materially. We can not pay for a gift, we can only enjoy the love behind it and try to reciprocate as we can. Since each SY from every Country, should feel the membership to this family, who comes here is hosted and the host at the same time. It means in every event anyone should offer a shift of service to the collective organization. In addition, according to the ancient devotional rule "ora et labora" or "karma yoga" everyone should feel to donate some of their time in some active work, which can be expressed in many ways, but it will clean our chakras and make our connection with Her stronger. Everybody should feel Her presence as if She is in residence. It is not a memorial place. It is a dwelling wherein She exists, in person. Everybody also if not in any duty of do it, always should pay respect to HHSMND's Home, photos, altar, belonging, each site should be taken care clean and tidy as if She is there in Her presence.

We are currently working on full-service multi-media site for the whole sangha worldwide to access and integrate the various needs and projects oing on in the Sahaj World. this will be on-line soon.

Finally, this is the place where anybody of the world will sooner or later come to know Shri Mataji, to see how the children of HHSMND live and express their culture, the culture of the Mother and the Spirit.


Cabella, the place of Bakti and Devotion.


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation
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