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Nirmal Arts Academy 2012

art dancer laughter engraving 

There is no words to describe this tremendous, wonderful and magical experience which we have shared all together by the Divine Grace of Our Holy Mother during these ten days of academy One of our sister from TEV who is organised this event since years confess that "it had never happened before, such special atmosphere, something beyond our mind and imagination had happened!" - It was so rich, condensed, lots of things to share while coming back with our own collectivity and the feeling that we have to become creative Sahaja Yogis to spread Sahaja Yoga.


Nirmal Arts

Tuesday 9 July 2012. First day. All the students joined their courses. After the presentation by all teachers the previous day, many were still searching which courses they will attend which is not a surprise in front of such tremendous list! About 30 courses were presented, all with their own special attraction that nobody wanted to choose! Indian and western classical music, vocal, baroque, celtic arts included dance, song writing, kutchipudi, theater, embroidery, painting, cooking with love, public speaking, Tai Chi, Ayurvedic massage, aïkido, etc... etc... What to choose? Can you tell us? The first two, three days determined the choices of the student and little by little, everyone has settled and followed with dedication and discipline their own courses. Usually, each of us were studying between 2 and 3 items which is balanced as you should not miss between your meditation, foot soak, rest and obviously eating!

The great and nice surprise and gift was the fact that some of the classes were in the castle as Mother wanted to convert some rooms dedicated for art. Bow in front of Her Door and offering Namaskar to Her everyday was suyuvabarch a privilege and source of gratitude! To see also Her Kitchen revived and spread the perfume of spices and all nice meals offered to Her was a delicious sensation. And sweet emotion when all the memories with Her were shared!

A great thanks for the organizing team who really put her full heart and attention to provide their brothers and sisters the best. And also to the teachers who are really dedicated, loving with tremendous humility and patience. Encouraging everyone, giving confidence and support. Beautiful instruments all of them!

with_babyriverThe drop become the ocean

Day after day, the satisfaction and fulfillment could be read and felt on all the faces and heart of everyone. Day after day, everyone left their individual self to become one with this ocean of bliss and love under the complete Guidance and Protection of the Divine and Paramchaitanya. Amazing was the way how Mother looked after each and everyone make you feel that She had special and unique attention and relation with each of Her Children providing whatever was needed. In every way, spiritual growth and little life's practical detail, you could feel Her hand. All little miracles which make the life so beautiful and joyful! Everyone was melt in this ocean of Divine Love, Joy and full comfort. The hearts opening, opening like beautiful lotus in a very relax and sweet mood. Everyone at is right place, flowing at the freedom of present.

The performance of Angels

We could witness how Sahaja Yogis becomes angels in full state of thoughtless awareness offering every evening their devotion through their art every evening. Specially little little children with their flute, enchanting voices, innocence in their dance. Such talents, fragrance of beauty, spontaneity and power of creativity. If you had the chance to pull your head towards the sky after the programs, you could fell the presence of all celestial bodies joining us and complete the Divine Family!

The atmosphere became full of art itself. At the river, you could heard the sound of the flute, while resting, the violin was gathering you with a beautiful raga - At the shuttle stop, one improvised song accompanied by the guitar. In the village, you could cross the way of the painters fully involved in their drawings. And between this, the life of this so sweet village of Cabella.

One Family

"We will share in love this feeling that we are one family united at The Lotus Feet of Our Divine Mother and we will ENJOY" - were the opening words of Academy to welcome all members. This sentence has been listened in the Heaven and became effective and completed!  Lot's of love was shared and nourished through all the yogis. You could meet new brothers and sisters from different continents all other the world, could send some message to the one who are living thousands miles away, share ice cream, coffee or sit without thinking next a sister or brother for the breakfast, beginning of new friendship, no barriers either obstacles, only the flow of unity... New energy, consciousness giving new birth every day....

Mother had welcome Her Children in Her Living Room

On Sunday while the doors of Mother's living room had been opened. Everyone got the honour and chance to offer one flower at The Lotus Feet of Mother to thanks Her to have given us the opportunity of Academy. It was really as the time when Mother was present physically and we could feel Her Deep Attention. Tremendous silence and vibrations! Everyone in deep meditation and peace. The emotion was such that the tears couldn't be stopped. The bhajans were offered to Her, all around Her, we were singing Her praise.

sahasraraPlease Join

Please join, come and experience this blessing that Mother had offered to all of us through art and don't hesitate to dedicate next year 10 days for NIRMAL ARTS ACADEMY. As She said that art will join the heart of people, so let's join and enjoy together!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Dear Holy Mother" are the last words which concluded this article, what more to say? 


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