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150 Children on Stage in Cabella

On the 12th of June the hangar in Cabella was the scene of a moving and beautiful end-of-year play performed by 150 children for their parents, family and friends.

The show was put on by children from two very different schools: the public school of Vignole and the children of Cabella International Sahaja School.  Performing together in perfect harmony, this was the culmination of three years of successful and joyful collaboration between the two schools.

The show took us on an imaginary journey in a hot-air-ballon, stopping off at countries around the world.  At each stop the children entertained us with music, dance and research into the culture of the country we were in.  From Scottish folk dancing to a waltz by the Danube; from exquisitely sung songs in local dialect to a lesson on sustainability and the need to love and respect the Mother Earth.  We were overwhelmed with the charm, talent and intelligence of our future generation and and (I have to admit it) fought back the tears at the end when all 150 children together sung their version of “Friends Forever/Amici per Sempre”.

More than 500 attended the show between parents, family, friends and yogis.  It is perhaps the first time that non-yogis outnumbered the yogis in the hangar. The Headmaster and mistress of both schools, the mayors the local towns and other dignitaries were present to congratulate and encourage the children of both schools.

After the show everyone was invited outside to watch a real hot air balloon take off in front of the hangar.  Before being released all the children were allowed to write a wish and write it in the basket of the balloon.  After this, a delicious meal cooked by the kitchen staff of the school was offered to everyone present.
It was a wonderful evening in which we all, yogis and non-yogis, could experience the Sahaja values of integration, harmony and oneness.  Our hearts were touched by the beauty and innocence of the children; we are filled with hope and optimism for the future.

Jai Shri Mataji.





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