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Sahaja Yoga Advancement Fund

The Sahaja Yoga Advancement Fund aims to support the spread of the knowledge of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and the advancement of Sahaja Yoga, in countries where the means to do so are not yet sufficient.�

With this purpose in mind, every year the World Foundation sets aside a portion of its annual budget and invites Sahaja Yogis around the world to submit a project proposal and apply for a grant.� Primarily responsibility for projects remains with the project initiators� sponsors. Foundation Grants are provided upon the principle of providing secondary financial support for Projects.

Primary responsibility for projects remains with the project initiators. Foundation funds are provided upon the principle of providing secondary financial support for projects.

Project proposals are evaluated by the specially appointed Funding Committee, whose task it is to identify projects that are most closely aligned with the objectives and priorities of the World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga.� The Funding Committee will also assess the extent to which the proposal has a direct bearing to Sahaja Yoga being realized and spread in the country, region or sub region concerned.

The Foundation will not fund projects or activities that can be more practicably supported on a national basis, through the bilateral cooperation between national collectivities or through the direct philanthropy of individual.

Needs identified are most likely to exceed available resources, most notably at this time when the Foundation must earmark important resources for the School Project in Cabella. Therefore we ask national coordinators to exert due judgment in prioritizing the requests.

From time to time the World Foundation may also manage �Special Purpose Contributions�; donations from individual sponsors with a specific project or activity in mind, who wish to channel their gift through the World Foundation.

The submission deadline for the current financial year is 15.08.2009 (see How to apply? for more information)�


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