Puja Calendar 2017

The calendar is the result of consultations between Hosting Countries, the Central Committee and the World Foundation.See More Detailed

Cabella Wellness Camp 2017

With our hearts bowed in Her bhakti and love, we at Sahaja Yoga World Center, invite all Sahaja Yogis from all over the world to attend the Cabella Wellness Camp – 2017. The Wellness Camp gives one a soulful and nourishing experience of the ‘life at Cabella’ amidst the most beautiful landscape and ambience full of vibrations. See More Detailed

Culture of the Spirit

 Theatre of Eternal Values is an international theatre ensemble with a passionate belief in the power of theatrical performance to heighten self-awareness and inspire positive change.See More Detailed

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Guru Puja 1979

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Autograph a copy of “The Advent”Guru puja Doll is hill Asharm London 2 december1979

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